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AC 1 Sentinel

AC 1 Sentinel

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The AC 1 Sentinel is an upcoming Tier IV premium medium tank. The tank has already been the object of derision due to it's poor gun and "distinctive" front machine gun port. (Note - the details below are speculative based on test previews, they may be changed in the release version.)



  • High fire rate
  • High top speed and decent reverse speed
  • Low dispersion bloom when rotating turret (only)
  • Good gun depression
  • Reasonable view range


  • Abysmal DPM and alpha damage
  • Poor aim time and reloads faster than it can aim, hurting potential DPM even further.
  • Low shell velocity
  • Poor power to weight ratio and average terrain handling hurts maneuverability
  • No preferential matchmaking






|History= The Sentinel tank was a cruiser tank designed in Australia in World War II in response to the war in Europe, and to the threat of Japan expanding the war to the Pacific or even a feared Japanese invasion of Australia. It was the first tank to be built with a hull cast as a single piece, and the only tank to be produced in quantity in Australia. The few Sentinels that were built never saw action as Australia's armoured divisions had been equipped by that time with British and American tanks.