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Centurion Action X

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21:02, 15 October 2019(4,259 bytes)
12:03, 20 July 2018(4,256 bytes)Minor corrections: "at the expensive of a large chassis." Corrected "expensive" to "expense." Also, spelling correction: "manoeuvrability" changed to "maneuverability." (Thanks for the fine work on this Wiki.)
04:20, 23 December 2016(3,782 bytes)Adding history. Also, apparently the surviving turret was not the one that took part in the ballistics test according to the comments in the linked article, so I edited some stuff
15:10, 10 November 2016(1,932 bytes)Reverted edits by VictriXACE:sea (talk) to last revision by blueribbon:na
21:57, 19 November 2015(731 bytes)Created page with "{{TankData|Tank= GB86_Centurion_Action_X |The Action X turret was planned to be used for later variants of the Centurion tank. One prototype of the turret was mounted on the c..."
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