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G.W. Tiger (P)

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historical accuracy
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?* Best alpha damage of any tier 8 artillery; can deal serious damage to any tank in the game+
?* Lower tiered scouts may bounce off its frontal armor+
?* 303mm pen AP round on the upgraded gun is the best in tier, though the accuracy of the gun limits its use+
? +
?* Horrifying camo values+
?* Extremely low mobility+
?* Extremely narrow gun traverse arc+
?* Bad overall stats on top gun to compensate for massive alpha+
?* No AP round on the stock gun+
? +
?The G.W. Tiger (P) is the first of three very similar German SPG's. All three mount a 21 cm gun when upgraded, dealing 2000 alpha damage with the HE round and 1550 damage with a 303mm penetration AP round. Being the lowest tier to mount the gun, the G.W. Tiger (P) has the worst stats on the gun, with the longest reload, worst accuracy, and longest aim time of the three. However, you get massive alpha damage at tier 8, able to remove one half or more of a same tier heavy's HP in one shot. However, the G.W. Tiger (P) has extremely low mobility, with slow movement, acceleration, and hull traverse. This makes it extremely hard to defend yourself against close in scouts, especially ones that move horizontally to you, forcing you to turn. The G.W. Tiger (P) does not see much use in Clan Wars events with a tier 8 cap.+
? +
?* First research top gun (210mm Mörse 18/1) then upgrade engine, lastly the suspension+
?* The upgraded gun is lighter than the stock gun+
? +
?Artillery Shell Rammer, GLD, Camouflage Net+
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? +
? +
?|History=Conceptualization of a heavy SPG mounted on an elongated Porsche Tiger chassis. It is known that Ferdinand Porsche intended to develop the SPG; however, the work was never started.+
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?|HistAcc=The vehicle's in-game description is incorrect. No historical records of the G.W. Tiger (P) exists.+
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