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Type 5 Chi-Ri

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10:53, 18 June 2019(15,227 bytes)
02:24, 6 January 2018(14,225 bytes)Apparently the American's didn't come up with that misconception, but rather it appeared from Tomczyk's books
06:16, 23 October 2017(14,292 bytes)It seems the 6.5 degrees of gun depression turned out to be incorrect.
20:22, 29 May 2017(13,894 bytes)Adding information about the Chi-Ri production model and other stuff. Apparently the 37 ton thing was in reference to the production model, and not the prototype we have in-game
00:03, 8 April 2017(12,949 bytes)Where has it ever been stated that the Chi-Ri was meant to be a heavy tank? All articles on the tank state that it was considered a medium.
11:34, 24 December 2016(6,027 bytes)added comparison to T-25
09:14, 23 August 2016(2,529 bytes)Created from Tank:Chi_Ri
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