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Type 5 Heavy

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06:04, 27 September 2021(21,327 bytes)There was alot of errors and misinformation about the Type 5 heavy tank article, whoever rewrote and added some new content before my current edit has clearly no idea how to play the type 5.
12:58, 19 November 2019(21,880 bytes)The article is very outdated (and fairly negative too). Updated on today's standards.
20:59, 15 October 2018(12,470 bytes)Formatting corrected.
20:57, 14 October 2018(12,463 bytes)Corrected according to datasheet.
17:35, 16 June 2017(9,629 bytes)Made the sentence more clear
20:14, 3 June 2017(9,614 bytes)Fixing vandalism: Undo revision 250485 by lukefas:eu (talk)
06:57, 15 May 2017(9,229 bytes)The repair cost is not really that much higher than other tier 10 heavies, which is around ~25 000 on average, so it shouldn't be mentioned. Being slightly more expensive to repair is largely irrelevant because 1) tier 10s are not meant to generally make credits and 2) Type 5s often tend to fire lots of gold HE, which results in negative/low profits more due to ammo costs, not due to repair cost
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