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18:09, 28 October 2020(21,052 bytes)
20:06, 18 September 2020(20,926 bytes)removing it since it's confirmed that it's a "mock up exhibition" tank
08:06, 2 May 2020(20,990 bytes)Updated the article to include changes made in 1.9
20:23, 26 November 2017(20,153 bytes)View range was listed both as a pro and a con, which was contradictory.
08:22, 6 March 2017(19,351 bytes)Minor grammar fix, formatting change of the history section, and removed part of the historical accuracy due to there not actually being any blueprints or plans regarding other O-I variants
05:58, 3 March 2017(19,283 bytes)crap ton of grammar mistakes, fixed them
20:17, 28 May 2016(5,025 bytes)fixed some grammar errors; also i dont think its the "biggest" tank in the game. It is widest, but then again, O-Ni is taller and slightly longer.
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