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Jagdpanzer E 100

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?|The JagdPz E-100 is the tier X German Tank Destroyer. Anyone who has been struck by the massive gun of this tank will tell you steer clear of it, if it happens to find you. +
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?This tank features a massive 170mm cannon that bears striking resemblance to the artillery gun on the GwTiger and GwTiger(P). Dealing an average of 1050 damage a shot, the JagdPz E-100 can strike fear into the hearts of even the bravest tankers in World of Tanks. The alpha of the gun has the ability to bring down even tier IX tanks with one or two shots. To balance the massive power of this tank, it has been given a horrid reload time, matching that of some artillery vehicles, so it is highly recommended that this tank be accompanied by a few others. The armor protection of this tank is actually quite good, the only true weak spot on the front of this monster is the lower armor plate, but when the tank is fought at an angle, even that can be difficult to penetrate. Never underestimate this tank, as doing so will cost you roughly half of your tank, if not all. +
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?image:Jagdpanzer_E100_left.jpeg{{!}}Jagdpanzer E100 Left view+
?image:Jagdpanzer_E100_rear.jpeg{{!}}Jagdpanzer E100 Rear view+
?image:Possible_versions_of_the_Jagdpanzer_E100.gif{{!}} Possible versions of the Jagdpanzer E100 that Wargaming may have considered for this TD.+
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?|InTheGame_pros= +
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?* Incredible single-shot power, extreme penetration+
?* Very strong all-around armor with large hitpoint pool and high ramming strength+
?* Great for sidescraping (although you can't return fire while doing this)+
?* Surprisingly good terrain resistance+
?* Considerably better softstats on the gun than the FV215b (183)+
? +
? +
? +
?* Illsuited for long range shots on moving targets due to low shell velocity (925 m/s)+
?* Terrible camouflage values and bad mobility+
?* Large lower glacis plate and lack of angle negates thickness of casemate, a thickness that is not enough to stop tier 9 and+
? tier 10 gold shells to begin with. +
?* Fairly small gun arc+
?* The fact that anyone you meet will automatically spam premium ammo at you makes your armour virtually pointless.+
? +
?|InTheGame_performance= +
?The Jagdpanzer E-100 takes another leap of size and lack of mobility. Even slower than the Jagdtiger, this is a TD which should never be left alone, as all it takes is one rather mobile tank to flank you and mercilessly kill you.+
? +
?Your 17cm gun features a quite good 299mm penetration, and 420 with premium ammo, which should allow you to penetrate most things that cross your path. Be careful not to aim at the middle of the tracks, especially when using HEAT, as the tracks will probably absorb all the damage, essentially wasting your precious shot. You DO NOT want to waste a shot when your reload time is almost half a minute.+
?Each shot deals on average just a bit over 1000 damage. This is quite intimidating, as it's almost half the HP on most tier X tanks. This makes you one of the most feared tanks on the battlefield, so use this to your advantage. It also means you can trade quite favorably with most tanks you will face, as they do less damage per shot. Going to the frontline side by side with your team's heavy tanks can be a valid option, since you have the armour for it. Their presence will ensure that no one dares to chase you after delivering your shot and falling back for reloading. It is also quite effective at holding a defensive position at the end of a corridor. Your superior gun softstats in comparison to the FV215b (183) will make it easier to place your AP and HEAT rounds where you want them at for penetrating hits.+
? +
?Mobility is a big problem for the JagdPz E-100. You have a measly 8.96 hp/t, which gives you mediocre acceleration, and a poor traverse speed as well. Any tank with even decent mobility will be able to outmaneuver you if it finds you alone. You should always try to have someone nearby that can help you.+
? +
?Luckily this TD has pretty good armour. It may not be T110E3 kind of armour, but it does the job. By this point you should already know how to angle your tank properly to increase your effective armour. Properly angling the JagdPz E-100 will allow to bounce even Tier X premium shells. You want to hide your lower glacis if possible. While not as weak as on the Jagdtiger, it still allows most tanks to easily penetrate you.+
? +
?Unfortunately your size means three very bad things: first of all, your camouflage is downright horrible, you'll be spotted quite easily. Second, enemies will be able to hit you quite easily from afar, so try not to expose your weak sides. Third, artillery will have a feast with you if you are foolish enough to stay still on an open field.+
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?The Jagdpanzer E-100 suffers a quite a bit on random matches, where you may find teams that will leave you on your own, or insist on advancing when you aren't even near a good position for shooting. On Clan Wars or Tank Companies, however, where there's coordination on the entire team, this TD can do quite a good job. And even just a simple 3 man platoon can greatly increase your performance in random battles (keeping you safe from flanking attempts, covering your own advance, etc).+
? +
? +
? +
?|InTheGame_equipment=Vents, Tank Gun Rammer, Spall Liner, GLD+
? +
? +
?|History=In May 9, 1944, at the meeting of representatives of the companies Krupp and Porsche, Krupp was asked to submit proposals for a super-heavy tank destroyer, mounting either of the 15 cm or 17 cm guns. The first proposal were made that a variant was to be built on Porsche's Maus, with either of the 15 or 17 cm guns mounted on a fixed superstructure. With further discussion, it was said that a variant on the Maus would not be possible due to its height and weight, which would be impossible to transport by rail. The second proposal was made on Adler's E-100. The E-100 proved to be better than the Maus. Porsche, defending its project, the Maus, proposed that anti-aircraft guns would just be mounted on both tanks, but such an assembly would be terribly difficult. Therefore, Porsche decided to offer Krupp the development of a super-heavy tank destroyer on the E-100. Before development could even start, Adolf Hitler ordered that the development on super-heavy tanks were to be discontinued.+
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?image:E 100 remaining chassis 2.jpg{{!}}E-100 chassis undergoing allied evaluation. Since this tank was never more than a paper possibility, there are no historical images of a completed version.+
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?No historical records exist of the Jagdpanzer E 100's design specifications, or of any plans to arm it with a 17 cm Pak gun. Development ceased before any armament was proposed for the tank.+
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?[https://www.ljplus.ru/img4/s/e/serb_lj/StuG-E100.gif Russian source of technical drawing (7-2014)]+
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