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?|While the hull is a conversion of the [[M24 Chaffee]], unfortunately the extra weight means it retains little of the original vehicle's maneuverability. The initial acceleration and hull traverse rate are very poor. The gun should be the first upgrade as the suspension will handle the weight. Upgrading the gun will allow you to fire almost across the map (the increased range isn't listed on the in-game stats). Despite the vehicle's flaws, both 105mm guns hit very hard for their tier and allow the M37 to punch above its weight in heavier battles. Another important thing to note is the M37's extremely wide gun traverse arc of 52 degrees, which, along with the [[GW Panther]], gives it the widest gun traverse arc in the game for an SPG without a traversable turret. +
? +
?As of the 8.6 update the M37 has been bumped up to tier 4, with the previously tier 4 [[M7 Priest]] taking its place.+
? +
?* Gun range: stock: 650 m, top: 990 m +
?* Excellent ammo capacity+
?* High top speed+
?* Good firing range with the top gun+
?* Excellent signal range+
?* Very wide gun traverse arc+
?* Surprisingly good gun depression+
? +
?* Slow traverse speed+
?* Large dispersion while turning/moving+
?* Tiny splash damage radius+
?* Rather poor accuracy, but on par for its tier+
?* Somewhat large target, hard to camouflage and easy to hit+
?* Stock gun has slow velocity+
? +
?The M37 has moved up a tier, being the M7's historical successor. Mounting similar guns as the M7 Priest a tier below, the M37 shoots much faster than the M7 Priest with ridiculous amounts of ammunition. By not needing to get so close to the action, the minimal armor becomes far less of an issue. This Artillery has the same damage, penetration and firing range as the [[Wespe]] and [[Lorraine39 L AM]], but it carries far more ammunition and has a much wider gun arc, making it superior in this aspect. The massive ammo supply allows liberal use of guess work when firing at unseen targets, a definite advantage over the limited ammo capacity of other SPGs. With that said, the M37 is arguably the best of the normal tier IV artillery pieces. The [[Birch Gun]] has a much faster firing gun with far less damage and a fully traversable turret, and the Sturmpanzer II lobs larger, heavier, more powerful shells at a higher ammo cost, worse accuracy and worse rate of fire.+
? +
?Being based on the M24 Chaffee's chassis, the M37 is reasonably fast, although the removal of its top engines hampers its acceleration.+
? +
?* Unfortunately, no modules are carried over from the M7 Priest.+
?* If you have played the M24 Chaffee before, you are able to mount the top engine. The radio can also be researched from the turreted tank destroyer line, and the T69.+
?* Research the 105 mm Howitzer M4 first for improved RoF, accuracy, and much-improved range.+
?* Research the upgraded suspension afterward for added traverse speed and weight capacity.+
?* Go from there.+
? +
?Artillery Shell Rammer, GLD, Camouflage Net+
? +
? +
?[[image:M37_Aberdeen.png|thumb|200px|right|105mm Howitzer Motor Carriage M37 at Aberdeen proving ground]]+
?The 105mm HMC M37 was based on a lengthened chassis of the M24 Chaffee light tank, and the vehicle was modified much the same way as the 105mm HMC M7, which used the medium tank M3 or M4 chassis. The M4 105mm howitzer was the same as that used in the howitzer-armed Shermans, and was mounted on the M37 to the right of the carriage's centerline, replacing the assistant driver's position. The .50cal machine gun ring mount was to the right of the howitzer mount.+
? +
?* American Car & Foundry Co.+
?* Cadillac Motor Car Division of General Motors Corp.+
? +
?image:Spanish Army M37 105 mm howitzer.jpg{{!}}Spanish Army M37 105 mm howitzer. The vehicle is based on a m24 Chaffee chasis+
?image:M37 105mm Howitzer Motor Carriag.jpg{{!}}M37 105mm Howitzer Motor Carriage.+
?image:M37_top.png{{!}}M37 Howitzer Motor Carriage top view. Note the ammunition storage on the left side of the vehicle+
?image:M37 105mm Howitzer Motor Carriage (HMC) is moved from Aberdeen Proving Ground 6 August 2009.jpg{{!}}M37 105mm Howitzer Motor Carriage (HMC) during relocation moved from Aberdeen Proving Ground. August 6th. 2009+
? +
? +
? +
?* Hunnicutt, R.P. Stuart: A History of the American Light Tank, volume 1. Navato, CA: Presidio Press, 1992.+
?Reprinted with permission from Stuart, R.P. Hunnicutt ©1992, available from Presidio Press, 505B San Martin Drive, Suite 160, Navato, CA 94945.+
?* Chamberlain, Peter, and Chris Ellis. British and American Tanks of World War Two. Frome, England: Cassell & Co., 2000.+
?* Halberstadt, Hans. Inside the Great Tanks. Huddersfield, England: The Crowood Press, Ltd., 1997.+
?* Siemers, Cary. "USA's M7, M7B1, M37 105 mm Self Propelled Howitzer." World War II Tanks & Vehicles and Advanced Squad Leader. 11 Feb 2001. 18 Feb 2001 +
? +
?* [[https://www.primeportal.net/artillery/david_lueck/m37_105mm_hmc/ Nice Walk around look at the M37]]+

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