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Renault Otsu

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?* Frontal armour is 30 mm thick, good enough to stop some fire.+
?* The tank is quite nimble despite the 23 km/h speed limit.+
?* The gun dishes out some serious damage per shot.+
?* Thickest armor of all the Tier 1 tanks (with the exception of the Soviet [[Tank:T62A_sport|T-62A Sport]] which can only be used in Soccer mode).+
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?* Low top speed makes it harder to respond to changes in the battlefield quickly.+
?* The top 37 mm gun has poor rate of fire and penetration, even by tier one standards.+
?* Poor turret traverse speed.+
?* The large driver's hatch at the front of the tank can be easily penetrated, due to the armor in that area being neither thick nor angled enough to bounce most shots. +
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?The Renault Otsu is the Japanese version of the Renault FT French light tank. As such, the Otsu shares the Renault FT series' sluggish top speed. This makes the Otsu slower to react to changing battlefield conditions. However, it is surprisingly nimble and easy to turn, owing to its 36 degree traverse speed fully upgraded. +
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?The tank also boasts quite a lot of armour for a tier 1 tank, with 30 mm of armour at the front. This allows you to bounce quite a number of enemy tank's guns. Do not fool yourself into thinking that the Otsu can bounce everything, as even at tier 1 there are guns that can penetrate your armour.+
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?The top gun on the Otsu is quite inaccurate, even by tier 1 standards. It boasts quite heavy damage to compensate, but is marred by its slow rate of fire of 17 rounds per minute, beaten only by the Medium Mk. I's QF 6-pdr gun. It also has the lowest penetrating elite gun of any of the tier one tanks.+
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?Overall, the Renault Otsu is designed for close-range combat. The Otsu's penetration is suitable for close-range engagements, where the 0.5 /100 m accuracy does not matter much. Use the terrain for cover while you reload, and punish enemy tanks that try to take you out. +
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