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10:38, 23 August 2016(31 bytes)Redirected page to Tank:R93 Object263
15:01, 12 September 2014(2,351 bytes)changed word from accurate to accuracy
17:18, 18 July 2014(2,108 bytes)Minor correction in Pros section.
20:25, 1 November 2013(2,060 bytes)Removed Con of Poor Aim time. It is tied with the T110E3 for the fastest aimtime at tier 10 TD.
21:17, 7 May 2013(1,611 bytes)Wouldn't say it has a high camo rating, but reasonable. Long not as good as the 268.
02:06, 2 May 2013(1,605 bytes)Do not copy/paste the official description into history, find some other data or leave it blank.
19:35, 5 March 2013(1,432 bytes)Added suggested equipment
09:26, 18 September 2012(200 bytes)Created page with "{{TankData | |Gallery= |InTheGame_pros= |InTheGame_cons= |InTheGame_performance= |InTheGame_research= |InTheGame_equipment= |History= |HistoricalGallery= |Ref_references= |Re..."
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