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?* Very high damage per minute+
?* Superb agility+
?* Great top speed+
?* Very strong all-round turret armor+
?* Has excellent terrain passability+
?* Loses very little speed while turning+
?* Excellent accuracy, both on the move and stationary+
?* Has a low profile which makes it harder to hit and means it has better camo rating+
?* Extremely well angled frontal hull armor (better effective armor than the [[T-62A]])+
?* Better gun depression than both other Russian tier X mediums+
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? +
?* Upper portion of the turret can be overmatched by most shells, plus bulging cupolas+
?* Commonly suffers module damage, especially fuel tanks and ammo rack+
? +
?In comparison to its sister tanks, the Object 140 is the fastest, and gains an extra degree of turret depression - allowing it to make use of more terrain to hull down and minimizing exposure as it fires. It generally, more so than its predecessor, the [[T-54]], relies on vision control and camo as opposed to armor to achieve its goals of dealing damage and scouting for the rest of the team. While the turret can take a beating frontally, it does have an egg shell-like top, with only 30mm of armor, meaning that while the gun has more room and can depress more than in the T-62A, the better of its 2 nigh-identical counterparts, it can't sit in hulldown spots like it. For this reason, rather than the defining gameplay of the T-54, a medium with elements of a heavy's armor, the 140 is more of a pure medium, and although it is a very capable opponent, it doesn't have quite as much staying power. That said, like most of the others, it's miles ahead in gameplay terms when viewed against NATO 105mm-armed mediums.+
? +
?* It comes fully researched+
? +
?Vertical Stabilizer Mk 1, Medium-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer, Improved Ventilation Class 2, Coated Optics+
? +
?Object 140 was an experimental medium tank developed between 1953 and 1958 in Nizhny Tagil in order to improve/replace the T-54. Two prototypes were built, but in 1958 the project was terminated in favor of the Object 430, better known under his production designation T-55.+
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?==Development history==+
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?At the time when Morozov was working on his Object 430 tank, a young engineer, Leonid N. Kartsev, was the head of the OKB-520 design bureau of Uralvagonzavod factory (UVZ) in Nizhny Tagil. He was responsible for the T-54A (Object 137G) and T-54B (Object 137G2) modernizations of T-54 main battle tank. After work on the T-54M (Object 139) modernization was abandoned he and his design team started working on a new tank, called Object 140. The new tank had a suspension with six light road wheels made of aluminum. The turret was cast and armed with a 100 mm D-54TS tank gun with the Molniya two-plane stabilization system. The tank carried 50 rounds and was powered by a V-36 diesel engine developed by engineer Artiemejev. The engine was placed on the bottom of the hull, a solution which reduced the height of the engine compartment. The Object 140 weighed 37.6 tonnes.+
?Morozov's Object 430 tank had a hull of welded rolled steel plates and a turret of cast and forged steel. The turret had three-layer armour with an overall thickness of 185 mm to 240 mm. It was armed with the same D-54TS tank gun as Kartsev's Object 140. In 1957 Uralvagonzavod built two Ob'yekt 140 prototypes which were put on trials soon after. The trials showed that despite excellent general performance of the new tank, due to the complicated construction of many of the tank's systems, Kartsev's tank would be expensive in serial production and hard to maintain.At this stage the project was cancelled, and +
? +
?Forced to abandon the Object 140 project, he started working on yet another T-54 main battle tank modernization called the T-55 (Object 155) in which he included one of the key features from his Object 140 tank: the upper fuel tanks were fitted with mounts for tank gun ammunition. This increased the ammunition load carried by the tank to 45 rounds. The T-54/55 series eventually became the most-produced tank in history. Estimated production numbers for the series range from 86,000 to 100,000.+
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?image:Object_140_at_Kubinka_tank_museum.jpg{{!}}Object 140 at Kubinka tank museum+
?image:Object_140_at_Kubinka_testing_grounds.jpg{{!}}Object 140 at Kubinka testing grounds+
?image:Object_140.jpg{{!}}Object 140+
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