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?|Rather than using the 203mm gun from the the [[212A]], it mounts the 180mm which may turn some people off with its lack of damage. It does compensate with a higher rate of fire, and has good accuracy which makes some players use [[Ammo|Armor Piercing]] shells for more consistent damage and better penetration. Unfortunately, it only carries 18 rounds as opposed to 40 rounds on the 212A. It is quite mobile for its size, having the second highest top speed of the four tier 10 SPGs.+
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?image:Object 261 1.jpg{{!}}Object 261 front left view+
?image:Object 261 2.jpg{{!}}Object 261 front right view+
?image:Object 261 3.jpg{{!}}Object 261 back left view+
?image:Object 261 4.jpg{{!}}Object 261 back right view+
?image:Obj261game1.jpg{{!}}Object 261, Serene coast+
?image:SU261-a.jpg{{!}}Object 261, map Mountain pass+
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?* Most accurate artillery in its tier.+
?* Artillery is fairly mobile, being only slightly slower than many mediums.+
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?* Shells travel on an extremely flat trajectory, making it difficult to hit targets behind cover. This also makes most shots hit frontal armor, not top armor, negating most damage.+
?* Horrible gun traverse+
?* Horrible gun arc+
?* Relatively high aim time for poor gun arc+
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?Experienced players will quickly note that the Object 261 can't hit heavily armored tanks and some TD's. This is not because of the penetration or damage, but because of the angle at which the shells reach their targets. Most SPG's have low penetration, but since shells tend to hit the lightly-armored top of tanks, damage increases. With this SPG, shells will hit the heavily-armored front, or at a near-parallel angle to the top. Therefore, this SPG should be used to attack mediums, and not well-armored tanks.+
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?Counter-battery is a death sentence to this SPG, and since the gun elevation restricts it from countering, relocation is key.+
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?|InTheGame_equipment= Large-Caliber Artillery-Shell Rammer, GLD, Camouflage Net+
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?Developed on the chassis of the IS-7 by the design bureaus of the Kirov Plants in Chelyabinsk and Leningrad, development started in 1947, but was suspended during the design phase.+
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?image:OBJ-261.jpg{{!}}Object 261+
?image:OBJ-261_001.jpg{{!}}Object 261+
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