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Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. D

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?* Noticeably Superior to the Ausf. A in almost every aspect.+
?* Wider gun selection compared to its predecessor.+
?* Top gun capable of penetrating the armor of the British Matilda, and is very potent for its tier, superior even to the M3 Lee's.+
?* 100 additional hitpoints fully upgraded vs. stock Ausf. A.+
?* Improved armor vs. Ausf. A+
?* Great gun depression+
?* Slightly higher DPM than the 7.5 cm guns of the Pz. III/IV, the Pz. IV hydr and the Pz. IV H +
?* Armor is still relatively poor against all tanks in its battle tier.+
?* Agility is the same as the Ausf. A.+
?* All sides have several weakspots exposed+
?* Poor view range+
?* Somewhat poor accuracy on guns overall.+
?* Inferior aim time and accuracy compared to the 7.5 cm guns on the Pz. III/IV, the Pz. IV hydr and the Pz. IV H+
? +
?A great tank for its own tier, able to penetrate most high tier tanks reliably, however it will still have difficulties penetrating some high tier heavies. In top tier, stay at the 2nd line and flank distracted targets. After putting a shot or 2, hide behind low hills and take cover. In high tiers, act as a tertiary support vehicle by finishing off wounded opponents. It has great gun depression of -10 degrees, allowing it to shoot behind hilly terrains effectively. This tank should not be underestimated as it has higher damage per minute compared to the tier 5 German mediums, sometimes better than tier 7 mediums when you mount it with 100% crew, vents, gun rammer and BiA. With consistent shots at great accuracy, you'll be able to destroy enemies faster than any tier 4 tank. +
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?PzKpfw IV Ausf C.jpg+
?PzKpfw IV Ausf C (2).jpg+
?PzKpfw IV Ausf D.jpg+
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