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Battle Tier
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[Client Values; Actual values in
Specifically, the mismatch in crew values caused by commander's 10% crew skill bonus. Outside of a crew of 1 commander only, 100% crew is a fiction. The client values, given for 100% crew, will normally be taken into battle with 110% crew skill members aside from specific functions, causing their actual performance to deviate from the expected client value. These differences are taken into account in tooltip boxes.
2,720,000  Credits Cost
41082 HP Hit Points
63.99/6421.27/66 t Weight Limit
  1. Commander (Radio Operator)
  2. Gunner
  3. Gunner
  4. Driver
  5. Loader
  6. Loader
500700 hp Engine Power
30/8 km/h Speed Limit
1416 deg/s Traverse
7.8132.91 hp/t Power/Wt Ratio
YesYes Pivot
// mm Hull Armor








Shell Cost
600/800/440900/1200/600 HP Damage
38/48/21652/65/258 mm Penetration





2.22 r/m 

Standard Gun

Reload Times
Nominal: 27 s
50% Crew: 33.45 s
75% Crew: 29.2 s
100% Crew: 25.89 s
Rammer: 23.3 s
Vents: 25.32 s
Both: 22.79 s
Both and BiA: 22.29 s
Both and Max Crew %: 21.37 s

See Crew, Consumables, or Equipment for more information.





1.36 r/m 

Standard Gun

Reload Times
Nominal: 44 s
50% Crew: 54.51 s
75% Crew: 47.59 s
100% Crew: 42.19 s
Rammer: 37.97 s
Vents: 41.26 s
Both: 37.13 s
Both and BiA: 36.33 s
Both and Max Crew %: 34.82 s

See Crew, Consumables, or Equipment for more information.
Rate of Fire






Standard Gun

Using Shell Type 1 (600 Damage):
With wholly penetrating hits

Theoretical Damage Per Minute
Nominal DPM: 1332
50% Crew: 1074
75% Crew: 1230
100% Crew: 1392
100% Crew
Vents: 1422
Rammer: 1548
Both: 1584
Both and BiA: 1614
Both and Max Crew %: 1686

Advantageous Damage Per Minute
First-shot DPM: 1932
50% Crew: 1674
75% Crew: 1830
100% Crew: 1992
100% Crew
Rammer: 2148
Vents: 2022
Both: 2184
Both and BiA: 2214
Both and Max Crew %: 2286

See here, here, or here for more information.

Standard Gun

Using Shell Type 2 (800 Damage):
With wholly penetrating hits

Theoretical Damage Per Minute
Nominal DPM: 1776
50% Crew: 1432
75% Crew: 1640
100% Crew: 1856
100% Crew
Vents: 1896
Rammer: 2064
Both: 2112
Both and BiA: 2152
Both and Max Crew %: 2248

Advantageous Damage Per Minute
First-shot DPM: 2576
50% Crew: 2232
75% Crew: 2440
100% Crew: 2656
100% Crew
Rammer: 2864
Vents: 2696
Both: 2912
Both and BiA: 2952
Both and Max Crew %: 3048

See here, here, or here for more information.

Standard Gun

Using Shell Type 3 (440 Damage):

Theoretical Damage Per Minute
Nominal DPM: 976.8
50% Crew: 787.6
75% Crew: 902
100% Crew: 1020.8
100% Crew
Vents: 1042.8
Rammer: 1135.2
Both: 1161.6
Both and BiA: 1183.6
Both and Max Crew %: 1236.4

Advantageous Damage Per Minute
First-shot DPM: 1416.8
50% Crew: 1227.6
75% Crew: 1342
100% Crew: 1460.8
100% Crew
Rammer: 1575.2
Vents: 1482.8
Both: 1601.6
Both and BiA: 1623.6
Both and Max Crew %: 1676.4

See here, here, or here for more information.






Standard Gun

Using Shell Type 1 (900 Damage):
With wholly penetrating hits

Theoretical Damage Per Minute
Nominal DPM: 1224
50% Crew: 990
75% Crew: 1134
100% Crew: 1278
100% Crew
Vents: 1305
Rammer: 1422
Both: 1449
Both and BiA: 1485
Both and Max Crew %: 1548

Advantageous Damage Per Minute
First-shot DPM: 2124
50% Crew: 1890
75% Crew: 2034
100% Crew: 2178
100% Crew
Rammer: 2322
Vents: 2205
Both: 2349
Both and BiA: 2385
Both and Max Crew %: 2448

See here, here, or here for more information.

Standard Gun

Using Shell Type 2 (1200 Damage):
With wholly penetrating hits

Theoretical Damage Per Minute
Nominal DPM: 1632
50% Crew: 1320
75% Crew: 1512
100% Crew: 1704
100% Crew
Vents: 1740
Rammer: 1896
Both: 1932
Both and BiA: 1980
Both and Max Crew %: 2064

Advantageous Damage Per Minute
First-shot DPM: 2832
50% Crew: 2520
75% Crew: 2712
100% Crew: 2904
100% Crew
Rammer: 3096
Vents: 2940
Both: 3132
Both and BiA: 3180
Both and Max Crew %: 3264

See here, here, or here for more information.

Standard Gun

Using Shell Type 3 (600 Damage):

Theoretical Damage Per Minute
Nominal DPM: 816
50% Crew: 660
75% Crew: 756
100% Crew: 852
100% Crew
Vents: 870
Rammer: 948
Both: 966
Both and BiA: 990
Both and Max Crew %: 1032

Advantageous Damage Per Minute
First-shot DPM: 1416
50% Crew: 1260
75% Crew: 1356
100% Crew: 1452
100% Crew
Rammer: 1548
Vents: 1470
Both: 1566
Both and BiA: 1590
Both and Max Crew %: 1632

See here, here, or here for more information.
Damage Per Minute



0.66 m 

With 50% Crew: 0.818 m
With 75% Crew: 0.714 m
With 100% Crew: 0.633 m
With BiA: 0.619 m
With BiA and Vents: 0.605 m
Maximum possible: 0.58 m

For more details, see Crew



0.77 m 

With 50% Crew: 0.954 m
With 75% Crew: 0.833 m
With 100% Crew: 0.738 m
With BiA: 0.722 m
With BiA and Vents: 0.706 m
Maximum possible: 0.677 m

For more details, see Crew



4.5 s 

With 50% Crew: 5.575 s
With 75% Crew: 4.867 s
With 100% Crew: 4.315 s
With GLD: 3.923 s
With BiA: 4.22 s
With BiA and Vents: 4.128 s
With both and GLD: 3.753 s
Maximum possible: 3.597 s

For more details, see Crew or Equipment



5.6 s 

With 50% Crew: 6.937 s
With 75% Crew: 6.057 s
With 100% Crew: 5.369 s
With GLD: 4.881 s
With BiA: 5.251 s
With BiA and Vents: 5.137 s
With both and GLD: 4.67 s
Maximum possible: 4.476 s

For more details, see Crew or Equipment
Aim time
1212 deg/s Gun Traverse Speed
8° Gun Arc
-0°/+60°-0°/+60° Elevation Arc
3216 rounds Ammo Capacity
2020 % Chance of Fire

260 m 

With 50% Crew: 204.3 m
With 75% Crew: 232.2 m
With 100% Crew: 260 m
With Recon and Situational Awareness: 273.2 m
With Coated Optics: 286 m
With Binocular Telescope: 325 m
Maximum possible: 372.2 m

For more details, see Skills or Equipment

260 m 

With 50% Crew: 204.3 m
With 75% Crew: 232.2 m
With 100% Crew: 260 m
With Recon and Situational Awareness: 273.2 m
With Coated Optics: 286 m
With Binocular Telescope: 325 m
Maximum possible: 372.2 m

For more details, see Skills or Equipment
View Range



360 m 

With 50% Crew: 282.8 m
With 75% Crew: 321.5 m
With 100% Crew: 360 m
With 100% Signal Boost: 432 m
When affected by 100% Relaying: 396 m
Maximum possible: 518 m

For more details, see Skills or Equipment



625 m 

With 50% Crew: 491.1 m
With 75% Crew: 558.1 m
With 100% Crew: 625 m
With 100% Signal Boost: 750 m
When affected by 100% Relaying: 687.5 m
Maximum possible: 899.3 m

For more details, see Skills or Equipment
Signal Range
Values are Stock - click for Top

Additional Statistics
(Top Configuration)


  • Stationary: 3.71%
  • When Moving: 2%
  • When Firing: 0.31%

Terrain Resistance

  • On Hard Ground: 1.34
  • On Medium Ground: 1.53
  • On Soft Ground: 2.59

Dispersion Change Values

  • Turret Contribution
  • Rotation: 0.58
  • Shot Recoil: 5.75
  • Suspension Contribution
  • Acceleration: 0.31
  • Turning: 0.31

With 100% Crew




The SU-14-2 is a Soviet tier 8 self-propelled gun.

A "Special Purpose Heavy Triplex" self-propelled gun developed from 1932 through 1937, with two prototypes modernized in 1940. It never entered mass production.

Often known as the "School Bus" due to its shape, it is a worthy successor platform for the 203mm B-4 cannon first available on the SU-14-1 and the S-51. Even though it is one tier higher, the SU-14-2 can still utilise the B-4 to deliver more alpha damage than any other SPG of its tier except the GW Tiger P (which is armed with a slightly bigger 21cm Mörser). Relative to its predecessors, it has an improved rate of fire (1.5 times as many shots per minute) and some armour to bounce hastily aimed scout shots. Unfortunately, all this armour comes at the expense of mobility, and the ammo capacity is still as limited as its predecessors (16 for top gun).

The SU-14-2 leads to the 212A.

Modules / Available Equipment and Consumables




Tier Gun Penetration
Rate of fire
Aiming time

VII 152 mm BR-2 38/48/216 600/800/440 2.22 0.66 4.5 5720 92000
IX 203 mm B-4 52/65/258 900/1200/600 1.36 0.77 5.6 5200 235000



Tier Engine Engine Power
Chance of Fire on Impact

IV M-17T 500 20 610 13460
VII M-17F 700 20 610 35000



Tier Suspension Load Limit
Traverse Speed
Rmin Weight

VII SU-14-2 64 14 0 15000 20000
VIII SU-14-2 enhanced 66 16 0 15000 27310



Tier Radio Signal Range

V 10R 360 100 3660
IX 12RT 625 110 33600

Compatible Equipment

Low Noise Exhaust System Class 1 Heavy Spall Liner Camouflage Net Class 2 Coated Optics Class 1 Experimental Optics Wear-Resistant Gun Laying Drive Improved Configuration Venting System Innovative Loading System Enhanced Gun Laying Drive Class 1 Modified Configuration Class 1 Improved Rotation Mechanism Class 1 Improved Ventilation Class 1 Binocular Telescope Class 1 Gun Rammer Class 1 Turbocharger Class 1 

Compatible Consumables

Automatic Fire Extinguisher Natural Cover Optical Calibration Aim Tuning Experienced Firefighters Manual Fire Extinguisher Pre-Battle Maintenance Vent Purge Large First Aid Kit Large Repair Kit Duty Comes First Lend-Lease Oil Shell Organizer Orderly Ammo Rack Focus on Target Extra Combat Rations Removed Speed Governor Increased Focus Small First Aid Kit Small Repair Kit Gearbox Intricacy Steady Hand Combat Course 

Player Opinion

Pros and Cons


  • Gun range - stock: 1400 m, top: 1250 m
  • Top gun has excellent damage and splash radius
  • Good aiming time on both guns
  • Huge mass makes it an unappealing ramming target for light tanks
  • Easy stock grind - gun, radio and engine carry over from the SU-14-1


  • Long reload time
  • Very poor mobility and traverse speed
  • Poor accuracy
  • Extremely limited gun arc
  • Low ammunition capacity


As should have been learned when playing its predecessors, pre-aiming on zones likely to have enemies is key to success because of poor gun stats and narrow traverse arc. The stock grind is pretty terrible on this tank as well, but thankfully most people will not need to do it at all since the 203mm carries over from its predecessors.

Despite claims to its low mobility, it can be surprisingly nimble for its size, capable of hitting 30km/h when coming down a slope. This should only be taken into account if you are repositioning ahead of time to avoid danger.

Early Research

  • Top gun and top radio carry over from the S-51 and SU-14-1 - mount immediately!
  • Engine carries over from the SU-14-1. If coming from the S-51, you should research it for more mobility.
  • Tracks go on last.

Suggested Equipment

Improved Ventilation Class 3Large-caliber Tank Gun Rammer Enhanced Gun Laying Drive 


Historical Info

An old Soviet self-propelled artillery piece (SU-14) before its test firing. It was based on the heavy T-35 tank -- note the lack of an armored box around the gun/crew

The experimental SU-14 was built in 1934 (possibly 2 were built) as heavy self-propelled guns for mechanized units for the destruction of strengthened fortifications.

Specifications: weight- 48,5 t; crew- 7 men; armament- 203mm howitzer B-4 mod. 1931 (range of fire 18 km with 100 kg shell, rate of fire 1 shot/5.7 min) + 3 x 7,62mm MG;- ammunition 8 shells + 2268 MG shells; armor 10-20 mm; engine M-17 500 hp; speed- 27.3 km/h; range 100-120 km.

The SU-14 was based on the T-35 chassis with other elements from both the T-28 and T-35. The engine was located in the front and the howitzer was openly-mounted. The original SU-14 had the 203mm B-4. The SU-14 was equipped with two 200 kg cranes for use with the ammunition, two spades, and had to have its suspension disconnected during firing; it could fire only from the stationary position. Its maneuverability and speed were satisfactory. Also, operation of the howitzer was convenient. But, its size was large, armor was insufficient, and it had problems with over-driven transmissions.

The SU-14 was tested in 1935 and its engine and transmission were modified (improved SU-14-1 was built in 1936 - it had better and more reliable transmission, improved spades, more powerful engine M-17F 680 hp.). On both SPGs, the 203mm howitzer was replaced by the 152.4mm naval gun B-30 and Br-2 (which had better range and rate of fire) in 1936. It was planned to produce 5 copies with the 152.4mm gun Br-2 (SU-14-2), but that plan was rejected due to the arrest of the chief engineers of the project.

See left most (or top most) blueprint below.

Original SU-14 design with the 203mm Howitzer SU-14-1 with the longer ranged 152mm Howitzer

In 1936, the new experimental self propelled gun SU-14-1 was built and tested. It was the improved version of the SU-14 with the transmission from a T-35 heavy tank (not from T-28 medium tank as in the case of SU-14), more powerful engine, modernized spades, and without the ineffective suspension needing to be disconnected during firing. An additional artillery tractor, “Comintern”, was used as ammunition carrier (50-60 shells) for the SU-14-1. See right most (or bottom most) blueprint above.

SU-14 original SU-14-1 with a 203mm

In 1936, the 203mm howitzer was also replaced by the 152.4mm gun Br-2 mod.1935 with better range and rate of fire. The SU-14-1 was equipped with a radio station and additional armor in 1940 for use during the Winter War against Finnish fortifications (Mannerheim line) from a short distance. That SP gun was renamed the SU-14-Br2 and was the predecessor of heavy SP guns of the WWII period. Now, the SU-14-2 is preserved at the Russian tank museum (Kubinka).

SU-14 Br2 Blueprint
SU-14 Br2 in Kubinka

Combat Usage

The Winter War

The SU-14 was used quite successful in the destruction of Finnish fortifications during the Winter War.

World War II

In April 1940, the SU-14 and SU-14-1 were going through tests in NIAP, and in July, were in P.F. Lebedev's tank group in the Keiv Region. In September 1940, both units were given to NIBT for storage. In the fall of 1941, when defending Moscow, both SU-14s and an experienced SU T-100-U in a unit called "Separate Heavy Division for Special Purposes" were used in the Kubinka Region to fire from protected positions at advancing German forces (likely, they were using any working weapon available).


  • SU-14 -- Armed with 203mm howitzer B-4 mod. 1931 + 3 x 7,62mm MG; ammunition 8 shells + 2268 MG shells; armor 10-20 mm; engine M-17 500 hp; speed 27,3 km/h; range 100-120 km
  • SU-14-1 -- Armed with 203mm howitzer B-4 mod. 1931 + 4 x 7,62mm MGs; ammunition 8 shells + 2196 MG shells; armor 6-20 mm; engine M-17F 700 (850?) hp; speed 30-35 km/h; range 120-150 km.
  • SU-14-Br2 -- Armed with 152.4mm gun + 4 x 7,62mm MG; ammunition 16 shells + 2655 MG shells; armor 20-50 mm; speed 15 km/h; range 100 km.
  • SU-14-2 -- SU-14-1 with the radio station.


The variant descriptions and the pictures don't exactly match (they came from 2 different sources). It is relatively clear that only 3 vehicles were produced. 2 were likely the SU-14 with the 203mm and 1 was the SU-14-1 with the 203mm. Later, the 203mm gun was replaced with the 152.4mm gun. However, from the 3 pictures directly above, we get some discrepancies. One picture (1st in the row of 3 above) shows the front view of an SU-14 with both armor AND the short 203mm gun. This does not have a variant name. Likewise, the 3rd picture in the group of 3 shows the original plating between the tracks (you can see where it extends to cover the drive wheels and has rectangular holes instead of circular ones). From the the blueprints, this is an SU-14 and not the SU-14-1 modified to an SU-14-Br2. I'm assuming that the armor was tacked on to one (or more likely both) of the original SU-14 prototypes, but they left the 203mm howitzer in. Possibly, this was done so they could participate in the Winter War.

Historical Gallery

Sources and External Links

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