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Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger

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?|The Rheinmetall-Borsig Waffenträger is the first of the Waffenträger class tank destroyers available to the player. It has exceptionally good camouflage value in its tier. Unlike most tank destroyers, its gun is mounted on a turret, making it quite versatile on the battlefield. Its first gun, 128 mm gun, has high penetration, accuracy, and rate of fire, whereas the 15 cm gun sports higher damage at the cost of lower penetration, accuracy, and rate of fire. To balance, the Rheinmetall-Borsig has absolutely no armor -- even less than its predecessors -- and is somewhat sluggish like the [[Tank:Sturer Emil|Sturer Emil]]. Like its predecessors, it performs best taking a position behind the front line to deliver supporting fire to enemy tanks being fought by teammates up front.+
? +
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?* Very good accuracy, damage, aiming time, RoF and best DPM in-tier with the 128mm, no stock grind+
?* Very low profile and amazingly excellent camooflage values+
?* Has a full 360° arc of fire+
?* Tracks occasionally eat shots from higher tiers (rare but it can happen)+
? +
? +
?* Armor won't even protect against HE rounds from Tier 1 tanks+
?* Limited elevation and depression values +
?* Engine frequently gets knocked out by hits to the front of the hull, usually with combined with broken track+
?* The view range is somewhat poor, so binoculars are required if the Rhm. Borsig wants to spot its own targets.+
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?With the 12,8 cm this tank destroyer is a long-range sniper and, because of your armor and less than stellar mobility, you want to keep it at long range because once you are spotted, you are dead. Before 9.2 this tank had the best dpm of all German tier VIII TD's and even after the nerf that came with that update it still has that position (although the RoF was reduced to 5,22) so if you keep at range your amazing damage and penetration will soon destroy the competition.+
? +
?With the 15 cm your playstyle changes to a short-range brawler/ambusher, taking pot-shots at the enemy at ranges where they will be able to see you and you will have to aim for weakspots in the enemy armor because of your lower penetration. However you get increased damage per shell as compensation for the loss of accuracy, penetration and RoF. If you choose this option have a stronger tank draw fire while you try to get a shot at their weaker armor.+
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?It is worth noting that the Rhm.-Borsig Waffentrager is susceptible to fires. Shots to the rear of the tank will most likely damage the fuel tanks or ignite them straight away. Also because of the low HP pool of the engine, it is not uncommon to be set on fire from frontal engine shots. For this reason it may be worth taking a premium AUTOMATIC fire extinguisher, as opposed to the regular manual one. The other method to counter this is to stay hidden.+
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?|InTheGame_equipment= GLD, Binocular Telescope, Camouflage Net, Large-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer+
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? +
?Developed by the Rheinmetall-Borsig company and designed as a special artillery carrier. The vehicle was designed to carry an artillery system as well as to fire from the chassis. The vehicle utilized the suspension of the Hetzer tank destroyer. Development continued from the end of 1942 through the middle of 1944. However, the project was discontinued in favor of the Ardelt project because of a complicated design, high cost, and excessive weight.+
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?|HistoricalGallery= +
?image:Rheinmetall 1.jpg{{!}}with 15 cm Pak L/29.5+
?image:Rheinmetall 2.jpg{{!}}with 12,8 cm Kanone 44 L/55+
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?|Ref_references= N/A+
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?|External_Reviews= +
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?|Sidebar_GunAlt= 12.8cm T5E1 Kanone 44 L/55+

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