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?|With this artillery, you can almost fire all the way across the map. Like most Soviet artillery, the SU-8 fires at a high arc, so it can hit tanks behind cover more effectively than its counterpart, the [[Hummel]]. It can also hide close in cover and be somewhat immune to counter-battery fire from low arcing shots. It is harder to hit moving targets with the SU-8 due to the significantly low shell velocity. The weapons available require more time to aim than those on earlier Soviet artillery. It does get the 152mm howitzer, which packs a punch that the earlier Soviet artillery lacked.+
? +
?image:SU8a.jpg{{!}}Front right+
?image:Su8b.jpg{{!}}Front left+
?image:SU8c.jpg{{!}}Rear right+
?image:Su8d.jpg{{!}}Rear left+
? +
?* Gun range: both: 1350 m+
?* Good vehicle accerelation+
?* High ammo capacity+
?* High gun arc+
? +
?* Horrible accuracy makes this arty useless after 8.6+
?* Low vehicle traverse speed+
? +
?|InTheGame_performance= If you can hit the enemy's rear or sides, you can hit hard. Otherwise, you generally hit about "250 - 350". This SPG is a good improvement over the SU-122A because it has high ammo capacity and and improvements in gun arc, shell velocity, mobility, and general gun statistics. It has one of the fastest aim times of all the tier VI counterparts, so with the GLD, it aim will be lightning fast, a significant advantage. With higher ammo capacity, you can expect more shots, though still try to make every shot count due to the low accuracy, and with better range, you don't have to keep up with your team. If you need to relocate, the tank has an amazing 21 hp/t ratio and can easily relocate.+
? +
?* The 12RT Radio carries over from the SU-122A. Mount it immediately.+
?* First, research the SU-8 Bis Suspension.+
?* Next, research the 152 mm Howitzer ML-20 mod. 1931.+
?* Now, research the M-17T Engine, followed by the M-17F Engine.+
? +
?Artillery Shell Rammer, GLD, Camouflage Net+
? +
?The SU-8 is a variant of the [[T-28]].+
? +
?In the interwar period, which created a number of projects of self-propelled light works, the SU-8 project was conceived. The project was a heavy self-propelled gun on the chassis of a medium tank, the T-28. The original chassis was retained as well as the rear engine section. But all the mechanical parts were stripped out and completely changed. Lafetovaný was a 76.2 mm caliber cannon, which was protected by the folding armored sides. The sides in the fight would be unfolded and thus allow the cannon to rotate sideways. +
? +
?Information regarding the prototype contain large uncertainties. Some sources claim that some were been built, and others that the project remained only on paper. Work on the project started in 1932 under the leadership of prof. FLChlystova in the research department of the artillery academy. The reason for cancellation of the project was the attenuation of the production T-28.+
? +
? +
? +
? +
?* Russian Tanks and Armored Vehicles 1917-1945, by Wolfgang Fleischer, 1999+
? +
? +
? +
? +

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