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?|The T21 is a lighter variant of the T20 medium tank. As such, it is rather large for a light tank, but it has good maneuverability and a great view range, on top of having a good power to weight ratio. Unfortunately, it's hampered by its low top speed. Additionally, it uses the same gun as the M4 E8/E2, having rather low penetration in exchange for a high rate of fire and DPM.+
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?* Good view range+
?* Excellent ability for firing on the move+
?* Light tank camo rating makes it a brilliant passive scout when equipped with a binocular telescope+
?* Excellent hp/weight ratio and very high traverse gives this scout tank good mobility and speed +
?* Nice penetration on the top gun, combined with above average gun handling and a blistering fast ROF+
?* Decent peek-a-boom flanker+
? +
?* Poor armor, even for a light tank+
?* Low top speed for a high tier light tank. Can make getting to passive scout locations early enough difficult.+
?* Large target, twice to three times as big as its main counterpart; the [[AMX 12t]], being much easier to hit+
?* Can be serious damaged by splash damage from artillery+
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? +
?As with any tank, equipment improves the effectiveness of the T21. It is recommended to combine (or mix and match as preferred) equipment to these main playstyles:+
? +
?Scout: Camouflage Net, Binoculars, (choice is yours, recommend Coated Optics) In this role, you'll play more passive than active scouting. The T21 doesn't have the speed or low profile to play an active scout, so guerrilla tactics are important here; hence the Net and Binoculars.+
? +
?Flanker: Gun Rammer, Vertical Stabilizer (if you can afford it/steal it off another tank), [Gun laying drive/Vents depending on preference]. This will let you use that sweet M1A2 at will. Play always in and with support and you can lay some serious damage on the enemy. However, do be aware you won't last nearly as long as mediums do while trying to function in the same role as them. Coated Optics might help you if you choose this set up, as it allows you to become a deadly Artillery Hunter, finding and eliminating any SPGs.+
? +
?A more balanced setup would use binoculars, a rammer, and a vertical stabilizer. This setup will maximize your flexibility and allow you to fulfill multiple roles. This will maximize your DPM and ability to fire accurately on the move. The T21 is too slow to actively scout, though it makes an excellent passive scout. Of note is the T21's ability to fire accurately on the move; this is great for chasing other tanks or for flanking.+
? +
?* The QF 6-pdr Mk. V Gun and SCR 528 Radio carries over from the M7. Mount them immediately.+
?* Research the 76 mm Gun M1A1.+
?* Neither the 76 mm Gun M1A2 nor the Ford GAN Engine require the upgraded suspension, so research them in whichever order you want to.+
?* Finally, research the VVSS T48M1A2 Suspension.+
? +
?Binocular Telescope, Camouflage Net, Medium-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer, Vents, GLD, Vertical Stabilizer+
? +
?[[image:T21_wooden_mockup.jpg|thumb|200px|left|T21 wooden mockup]]+
?Not strictly part of the T20 series medium tanks, but closely related to them, the T21 was proposed as a replacement for the M3 and M5 series of Light tanks. It was to have been based on the T20 mechanics, would have had a 30 mm armour base, been armed with the 76 mm gun and weighed 24 tons. The design was prepared but held in abeyance as it was deemed too heavy for the light tank class. Ultimately the T21 concept was superseded by the T24 program, which was standardized as the M24 Chaffee.+
? +
?image:T21_wooden_mockup.jpg{{!}}T21 wooden mockup+
? +
?These two volumes are widely regarded as the definitive reference works on the American Light Tanks. Volume-1 covers the real life counterparts of the in-game light tanks: T1, T2/M2, M3, and M5 series and the T21.+
?* Hunnicutt, R.P, 1992, '''<i>Stuart: A History of the American Light Tank - Volume-1</i>''', Presidio Press, 508p, ISBN:0891414622.+
?* Hunnicutt, R.P., 1995, '''<i>Sheridan: A History of the American Light Tank - Volume 2</i>''', Presidio Press, 340p, ISBN:9780891415701.+
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