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?|When stock, the 90 mm AT Gun M3 is adequate for its tier and the speed is able to get you where you need to go in short time. When fully upgraded, the T25 AT is a fantastic tank destroyer to play, being very fast, and armed with the 105 mm AT Gun T5E1, it can provide fire support wherever needed. The T25 AT's armor is quite lacking, but the mantlet is not small and can bounce higher tier shells . Because of its lack of armor and hitpoints, it is recommended that you avoid direct firefights with higher tier tanks. One thing that is impressive on this tank destroyer is its deep gun depression, which can come in handy in certain situations.+
? +
? +
?* Very mobile, good top speed and good acceleration, on par with same tier medium tanks+
?* Fast track traverse, not easy to circle even for light tanks+
?* Good penetration, alpha, aiming time, RoF and DPM on top gun+
?* Adequate mantlet armor; the sloped frontal armor becomes even more angled when using the gun depression to the max+
?* Good gun handling on all guns, good gun arc and deep gun depression, favorable gun placement +
?* Good camouflage value, between Su-122-44 and Jagdpanther+
?* Better stock grind than the [[T25/2]]+
? +
?* The slope and the thickness of the frontal armor is not enough to bounce same-tier shells when on level ground+
?* Poor side and rear armor+
?* Cupola and viewport weakspots can be penetrated even when the tank is heavily angled.+
?* Mediocre viewrange (350 m); medium and light tanks can sometimes outspot you+
?* Low hitpoints, although it is to be expected of tank destroyers of this tier+
? +
?If you have played the [[Jagdpanther]], you will find they play fairly similarly. The T25AT is a tank that can do several jobs decently well, but is not truly a master of any.+
? +
?The tank is great for locating to an excellent spot in which is can provide sniper support, as it's 105mm has both good accuracy and penetration (though aiming for the sides of tanks is still highly recommended). But with tanks such as the Hellcat in similar MM, those spots may get taken before you get there, forcing you to move on to possibly less-then optimal locations.+
? +
?The tank is a good urban brawler and flank tank. It's speed and acceleration, combined with its high maneuverability allow it to quickly relocate behind the enemy to attack when their attention is drawn to the heavies and mediums in front of them. Again, though it maybe good at this, other lighter tanks, especially with turrets are better in this respect as they don't need to traverse the entire corner to shoot, thus reducing the opening the enemy has to fire.+
? +
?Due to it's very nice gun depression, the tank makes an excellent hill shooter. On maps defined by their hilly terrain that can be driven up and shot over, the T25AT (thanks in part to it's powerful engine) has no problem climbing these hills to quickly pop over and shoot with it's gun aimed full down. Once more, while the tank does well in this regard, it unfortunately means exposing itself to enemy fire that if the driver isn't quick enough, and with it's lack of armour, can mean being severely damaged.+
? +
?The tank can be an excellent end game hunter and scout. Whether the enemy team has only its SPGs left, or has a few speedy and pesky lights and mediums, either scooting around or pushing a base cap, the T25AT can hold its own very well in terms of speed as the driver tries to find them and mark their locations known to their team, and with firepower that outshines many mediums and lights at it's tier, can also quickly finish them off. But again, with speedier light tanks and mediums with potentially better armour should a firefight ensue, there sits the potential for the tank to be out-maneuvered and over run, there are again better choices that can be had.+
? +
?The T25AT's combination of speed, gun depression, firepower and maneuverability make it a tank that shouldn't be taken lightly by people facing off against one, yet it's lack of armour and turret mean that it's also a tank that can be exposed to great risk and can easily be exploited by those attacking it.+
? +
?Players must be aware of the tank's limitations so as to play the tank to its fullest -a well played T25AT can easily do upwards of 1800+ damage a match- but at the same time not let the limitations hold them back from fully utilizing its strengths to their advantages. The lack of a turret -usually the biggest complaint lodged against the T25AT- should not deter anyone from picking one up and playing it, as the T25AT is one the most rewarding and fun tanks in the game.+
? +
? +
?*Radio carries over from the Jackson.+
? +
?*Get the 105mm as fast as you can. +
?*Get the upgraded suspension, as it is necessary to mount any equipment weighing more than 100kg.+
?*Finish by researching the AV-1790-1 engine.+
? +
? +
?Alternatively, if you wish to use equipment (gun rammer/binoculars and camouflage net) at all times:+
? +
?*Start by researching the T15E2 gun. This will need to be researched before the 105 can be researched. It will help you get to the next upgrades a little easier.+
?*Get the upgraded suspension, as it will be necessary to equip the 105mm with equipment of more than 100kg.+
?*Get the 105mm.+
?*Finish by researching the engine.+
? +
?|InTheGame_equipment= Tank Gun Rammer, Enhanced Gun Laying Drive, Binocular Telescope, Camouflage Net, Improved Ventilation class 2+
? +
? +
? +
? +
? +
?image:T23 wooden.jpeg+
? +
? +
? +
? +
?Hunnicutt, R.P., 1971, '''<i>Pershing: A History of the American Medium Tank T20 Series</i>''', Presidio Press, 240p, ASIN:B0006CEM9W+
? +
? +
?* [https://www.wwiivehicles.com/usa/tanks-medium/t25.asp '''T25 and T26'''] Photos & history.+
? +

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