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09:46, 23 August 2016(26 bytes)Redirected page to Tank:A100 T49
04:40, 1 May 2015(3,975 bytes)the hull of the T49 is based on the bulldog, not the chaffee. edited to fix that false info.
18:28, 19 January 2015(4,205 bytes)Generally speaking, the T49 will still be penetrated no matter where it's hit...
12:08, 30 December 2014(4,398 bytes)Arty One-Shots, 1k Damage with HE
10:32, 5 November 2014(4,225 bytes)example on the trolling of the derp gun accuracy
07:15, 27 October 2014(4,067 bytes)120pts HE damage minumum observer in game. 170 was previous min. Both on E100.
13:40, 2 October 2014(2,381 bytes)Changed Literally. Literally means something is exactly as desrcibed. Unless the T49's carrying a sythe and bringing the souls of dead SPGs to the afterlife, it's not literally the grim reaper.
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