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?* 152mm can easily damage multiple modules on tanks with large areas of paper armor, capable of doing 1k damage+
?* Practically a KV-2 with low armour and a high top speed+
?* Only tank in the game that gets non-premium HEAT shells (for 152mm howitzer)+
?* HEAT rounds for the 90mm are cheaper and have superior penetration to any other tier VIII light tank HEAT rounds+
?* Great gun depression+
?* Good top speed+
? +
?* Poor acceleration and unremarkable mobility for a light tank; very sluggish compared to the Bulldog+
?* Mediocre camo ratings and rather large in comparison to other tier 8 light tanks+
?* Ammo rack prone to damage+
?* 152's low accuracy means that you have to get dangerously close to your enemy to reliably land shots+
?* Hull is derived from the Bulldog at tier 7, meaning ramming and HE shells can critically damage this tank+
?* 90mm gun has a useless HEP round (default ammo) pen of 102+
? +
?With the top gun, this tank is the ultimate aggressive ambusher. To play this tank well will require for most players a lot of practice due to a playstyle unlike any light tank in the game. You have to get close to an enemy tank to have a shot at hitting with such low accuracy. Because you are a light tank and a rather large one at that, you must time your run perfectly since you will only get one shot before you have to retreat while your gun reloads. That being said if you can make contact with a low armor face of a enemy (such as a french tank or many tanks rear armor) you will take at least half their HP pool with a pen. With such a unique play-style this tank is sure to become a favorite of many tankers, though beginners might want to avoid this tank.+
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?More battle value for T49 w/ 152mm gun comes from the fact that with it T49 can damage frontally literally any tank in the game without penetration concerns (using the HE rounds). Turning the tide on deadlock situations on tight corridor maps. Even badly aimed hits on the most heavily armored targets deal damage (120 pts minimum). Keep this in mind on that occasion when you're one of the few non tier 10 tanks in the match.+
? +
?If you dont like "derp ambushing" with the 152mm, the 90mm Baby Derp gun can be used to play like a mobile TD. With reload time of 5,31s with gun rammer you have essentially a great DPM potential (3500pts(w/rammer) if you can pen HEP and 2600pts (w/rammer) with HEAT. The only caveat is that you must switch between ammunition types frequently. The default HEP round with pen of 102mm is suprisingly good as the mobility of T49 allows you to pick your targets. But for heavily armored targets you have the excellent (although expensive) HEAT round available. The 90mm gun has the shell velocity, DPM and accuracy for doing ok in sniping role if not great.+
? +
? +
?* Engine and radio carries over from the Bulldog+
?* Turret so you can mount the 152mm +
?* The 152mm+
?* Tracks are not needed to mount anything, but should be taken sometime due to improved traverse and the fact it is not very expensive in comparison to the 190 000 xp grind to the T54E1 +
? +
?|InTheGame_equipment=Large-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer, Vents, Vertical Stabilizer, GLD+
? +
?T49 was an attempt to upgun M41 Walker-Bulldog in order to stay relevant against more heavily armored tanks such as T-54 which appeared after the introduction of M41. To create T49, M41 was upgraded with a 90mm gun and a larger turret. This tank later served as the test bed for the 152mm M8E1 rifled gun/launcher. This tank was later adapted into the M551 Sheridan.+
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?image:T49 152 mm.jpeg+
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?|Sidebar_GunAlt= +

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