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?|The T92 is the hardest-hitting artillery vehicle in the game, armed with a massive 240mm Howitzer. The damage and splash from this gun is enormous and can cripple any tank it hits, but the burst radius of each shell is so vast that it is not required to make a direct hit on target. Splash from the high explosive shells can cripple any tank that happens to be within a few meters of the impact. If an HE shell manages to penetrate the target, the target will most likely be knocked out or very heavily damaged. Armor piercing rounds are discouraged, as the gun is very inaccurate, but if one makes a connection, it has the ability to one-shot tier IX tanks and some tier X tanks. The T92 lacks effective gun depression, a feature that makes self-defense very difficult. This is worsened by the vehicle's low mobility, which while having been improved in a recent patch, remains a liability. The T92's main gun currently has the single highest alpha damage output in the game.+
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?* Gun range: 1400 m+
?* Most powerful gun in the game with the potential of destroying full-health tanks+
?* Huge Splash - Standard HE: 8.13m. Premium HE: 11.64+
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?* Second most inaccurate gun in the game+
?* One of the slowest rates of fire in the game+
?* No gun depression(makes going "TD" mode almost impossible)+
?* Much slower than the M53/M55. Also one of the slower SPG's in general+
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?Before the patch 8.6 SPG changes, the T92 was an extremely effective tank. It originally had a dispersion of only 0.62 meters per 100 meters, meaning that even with a miss, the splash was close enough to do significant damage. In the 8.6 update, however, it was given 0.30m higher dispersion and its usefulness was significantly reduced. The T92 also received a large mobility nerf with the removal of its upgraded engines, making it far more sluggish and very difficult to relocate when needed.+
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?Nevertheless, the T92 still has a powerful gun and can be a nasty surprise for any tank in the game. Of course, it is very team-dependent, as zero gun depression and high bloom combined with its low mobility make "TD mode" difficult against fast-moving scouts and mediums.+
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?With the inaccuracy of its 240mm howitzer, much of the effectiveness of this SPG will come from splash damage, which is not lacking due to the huge caliber of the gun. One tactic that is good for this artillery is zeroing in on a group of tanks and dropping a huge round right into them and damaging them all, allowing the team to take advantage of them, knocking out several or more damaged and/or tracked tanks.+
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?However, your gun can give you away easily, so be sure to relocate immediately after firing or you very well might be the next target.+
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?|InTheGame_equipment= Large-Caliber Artillery-Shell Rammer, GLD, Camouflage Net+
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?image:T92game.jpg{{!}}T92, Live oaks map+
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?|History=The 240 mm Howitzer Motor Carriage T92 was self-propelled howitzer developed by the United States of America during World War II.+
?The 240 mm M1 howitzer was mounted on a slightly modified Heavy Tank T26E3 (later the "Heavy Tank M26 Pershing") chassis - it used an extra bogie wheel, to bring a total of seven.+
?A limited production run was ordered in March 1945, and the first test model was finished in July of that year. Total production of the T92 was five.+
?A similar vehicle was also built in conjunction with the T92, the 8in Gun Motor Carriage T93. The T93 mounted the longer 8in M1 gun.+
?Limited numbers of both 240mm HMC T92s and 8in GMC T93s were going to be used in Operation Downfall, the planned invasion of the Japanese mainland. However, after the Japanese surrender on 14 August 1945, the T92s and T93s were not shipped to the Pacific Theater of Operations.+
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?image:T92-1.jpg{{!}}T92 in action+
?image:T92-2.jpg‎{{!}}T92 in action+
?image:T92-3.jpg‎{{!}}T92 in action+
?image:T92-4.jpg{{!}}T92 in action+
?image:T92-5.jpg{{!}}T92 in action+
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?* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T92_Howitzer_Motor_Carriage+
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