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20:09, 2 December 2018(5,365 bytes)small edit
00:40, 11 May 2014(4,320 bytes)Jiri_Starrider:na moved page Tank:T-50-2 to Tank:T 50 2: Correct naming
17:23, 30 August 2013(4,219 bytes)feels like ppl dont know how to spell
20:16, 27 August 2013(4,226 bytes)better be like it was.... doing the same with t23
20:12, 27 August 2013(4,173 bytes)Undo revision 99048 by RTM (talk)
07:00, 25 July 2013(4,184 bytes)"Despite it taking some time to learn, it is amazing when put into the right hands" moved from Cons to Pros.
14:33, 15 July 2013(4,089 bytes)Just updated the page slightly for 8.7 coming up.
12:09, 5 July 2013(4,536 bytes)Undo revision 84793 by Jasonbailey1999 (talk) T-50-2 goes to tier 10 battles too, not only tier ier 5 and 6. Saying it is best tier 5 is your opinion, not maybe all agree it.
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