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 * Prone to drifting (cool, but results in loss of control) * Prone to drifting (cool, but results in loss of control)
 * Harsh matchmaking standards, will often end up in Tier X matches, but it is a scout. * Harsh matchmaking standards, will often end up in Tier X matches, but it is a scout.
?'''Jussi Halla-aho Ylelle:'''''''''Bold text'''''' ”Jos tulisin hallitukseen, meidän olisi vaikea edistää tavoitteitamme”  
?Mies yritti pahvikahvin kanssa ulos ravintolasta – portsari löi kahdesti 
?© Lehtikuva Jussi Halla-aho.  
?Perussuomalaisten puheenjohtajaksi pyrkivä Jussi Halla-aho ei tavoittele ministerinsalkkua. 
?– Jos minun kaltaiseni selvästikin provosoiva hahmo tulisi hallitukseen, meidän olisi vaikea edistää hallituksessa omia tavoitteitamme, hän sanoi Ylen Ykkösaamussa lauantaina. 
?Halla-ahon mukaan ei olisi myöskään luontevaa, että puheenjohtajuudesta luopuva Timo Soini jatkaisi ulkoministerinä. Hänen mukaansa perussuomalaisten ministerit voisivat jatkossa olla ”enemmän neutraaleja” henkilöitä. 
?Soini on ilmoittanut haluavansa jatkaa ulkoministerinä. 
?–Ulkoministerin tehtävä on minulle suuri kunnia. Olen hoitanut vaativaa tehtävää hyvin. Mielelläni jatkaisin siinä vaalikauden loppuun. Tämä riippuu useammasta asiasta, aivan ensiksi siitä, että puolue jatkaa hallituksessa, hän sanoi ilmoittaessaan luopuvansa puheenjohtajuudesta maaliskuussa. 
?Lue lisää: Timo Soini: ”Edessä on jotakin muuta” 
?Halla-aho linjasi Ykkösaamussa, että maahanmuuttopolitiikka nousisi puolueen politiikassa tärkeämpään rooliin, jos hänet valitaan puheenjohtajaksi. Lisäksi Halla-aho kertoi aikovansa edistää Suomen eroa Euroopan unionista ja yhteisvaluutasta. 
?Toinen perussuomalaisten puheenjohtajaehdokas Sampo Terho on jo aikaisemmin linjannut, että paluu omaan valuuttaan Suomessa näyttää mahdolliselta ja jopa todennäköiseltä tietyllä aikavälillä. 
?Pääministeri Juha Sipilä (kesk.) kommentoi asiaa viime viikonloppuna toteamalla, että Suomen Eurooppa-politiikka ei muutu. 
?Lue myös:  
?Sampo Terho julisti ohjelmansa: ”Paluu omaan valuuttaan jopa todennäköistä” 
?Juha Sipilä: Suomen Eurooppa-politiikka ”ei todellakaan” muutu 
 ==Performance== ==Performance==

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This article is about a tank that was removed from the game
This page is being preserved for historical reasons.


Т-50-2 is an Soviet tier 5 light tank. Т-50-2 is a fast and perfectly maneuverable tank. The main tasks for this tank are spotting enemy postions and destroying artillery. In update patch 0.8.7 the T-50-2 was removed from the game, being replaced with MT-25. Players who have it in their garage received the MT-25 free.



Player Opinion


  • Beautiful, streamlined body (cool, and can bounce shots)
  • One of the most agile tanks in the game
  • High acceleration
  • One of the fastest tanks in game
  • Almost no speed "bleeding"
  • High firing gun that pack quite a punch
  • Can solo most TDs and heavies in the open
  • If you make a mistake there is a good chance to get out of there alive
  • Is the best at getting out of a tight spot or through the enemy lines
  • Bounces a shot quite often due to its shape
  • Tiny target
  • Good for circle of death tactic
  • Despite it take some time to learn, it is amazing when put into the right hands.


  • Prone to drifting (cool, but results in loss of control)
  • Harsh matchmaking standards, will often end up in Tier X matches, but it is a scout.


The T-50-2's high 72 km/h top speed, rapid acceleration, small size, and stunning agility make it one of the best scouts in the game. If used properly by a skilled player it can be one of the most valuable tanks on a team. It does not lose much speed while maneuvering, making zigzagging movements effective. The small size and frontal silhouette of the tank make it difficult to hit at range, allowing the driver to close the gap with as little damage as possible. In addition, the 57mm ZiS-4 can pierce the sides of most tanks, allowing the T-50-2 to do some damage and effectively destroy enemy artillery.

If you are an experienced driver, then you will have a blast with this tank. The circle of death tactic will win you over many enemies of tier or one higher if used properly. If you move fast enough, enemy tanks will have a hard time hitting you.


  • If you played the T-34 or T-28 previously you already have the ZiS-4 and the F-34 but the ZiS-4 requires the second turret
  • The guns, radio and engine from the T-50 carries over
  • First, research the suspension.
  • Then research the second turret and purchase the ZiS-4 if you played the two tanks mentioned above.
  • Go from there

Suggested Equipment

Vents, Binocular Telescope, Coated Optics, Camouflage Net

Historical Info

After the Spanish civil war, Red army leadership found T-26 tanks obsolete and ineffective, mostly due to their weak armor, therefore a development of a new tank was ordered. Two factories joined the competition, the OKMO design bureau in the Factory No. 185 (S.M. Kirov) and Kirov Factory No. 100, both located in Leningrad (the factories are often mistaken for each other because of very similar names).

The project of OKMO in the Factory No. 185 was known as Object 126 or T-126 SP, which later evolved into T-127, and eventually led to the T-50. The competing Factory No. 100 came up with project known as Object 211, some sources name it "T-50-2". It was made in 1941 under the leadership of A. S. Yermolayev. Object 211 was slightly similar to the T-126 SP, it had 2x6 small wheels springed by torsions bars, but in comparison with the T-126 SP, the wheels were differently-made, distance between two whells was different etc. Object 211 also had a differently shaped and angled front armor, longer hull, and differently designed turret with much lower commander's cupola. The armament and engine unit remained the same.

Unfortunately Object 211 did not win the competition because it did not bring any expressive advantages in comparison with the T-126 SP, it was only a little lighter.

The only prototype was deployed in the defense of Leningrad where it was probably destroyed.

Historical Gallery

Sources and External Links

https://www.panzernet.net/tankist/stranky/tanky/t50.php (CZ)

https://3v-soft.clan.su/news/ljogkij_tank_t_50/2010-09-08-150 (RU)