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Tanks of China

Tanks of China

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China was initially represented only by 3 premium tanks: the Type 59, Type 62, and WZ-111. They were all available on the Chinese server, with only the Type 59 available on the SEA server. On the NA and EU servers, the Type 59 was initially available in the store, but was later removed and only occasionally made available through the gift shop. The Type 62 is only occasionally available through the gift shop on the NA, EU, and SEA servers.

In the 0.8.3 update, however, a full Chinese tech tree was added. The lower tiers are made up of French, British, Japanese, and American tanks, while tier 5 and up is mainly modifications of Soviet tanks, with the exception of some Chinese prototypes. The tree was planned to be introduced in 0.8.2, but it was held back after issues were found with the tier 10 heavy tank on the test server. (Source: SerB).

Chinese tanks, for the most part, have unparalleled mobility, good camouflage values and sloped armor. This makes their tanks very flexible regardless of if they are a heavy, medium, or light. They still play as a heavy, medium or light as you would expect, but they can often change their combat role a bit, should it be necessary. However, they have very poor gun depression, even worse than German or Russian tanks.

Chinese Light Tanks do not follow any doctrine up to tier IV, because they are not original Chinese tanks, but captured or copies of other nations' tanks. However, you can easily rely on them to perform similarly to their models in other nations (i.e RenaultFT-17, T-26, M5 Stuart) Later light tanks are fast and and pack a great punch, much like the French light tanks, but they trade in the autoloader for better armor and a lot of extra mobility, making them better all-arounders than the French lights.

Chinese Medium Tanks are, up to a point, very similar to the Soviet ones, combining mobility and firepower, at the expense of a low rate of fire and poor gun depression.

Chinese Heavy Tanks are also similar to the soviet ones. These tanks have good frontal armor and acceleration and faster rates of fire, which makes it possible to play them as "heavy" mediums.

0.8.6 Chinese Tank Tree

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