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Tanks of USA

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 <li>[[image:USA-M10.png|link=M10|]]<br/>[[image:Tier 05 icon.png|link=]]M10</li> <li>[[image:USA-M10.png|link=M10|]]<br/>[[image:Tier 05 icon.png|link=]]M10</li>
 <li>[[image:USA-M36.png|link=M36|]]<br/>[[image:Tier 06 icon.png|link=]]M36</li> <li>[[image:USA-M36.png|link=M36|]]<br/>[[image:Tier 06 icon.png|link=]]M36</li>
?<li>[[image:USA-T25.png|link=T25|]]<br/>[[image:Tier 07 icon.png|link=]]T25 AT</li>+<li>[[image:USA-T25.png|link=T25 AT|]]<br/>[[image:Tier 07 icon.png|link=]]T25 AT</li>
 <li>[[image:USA-T28.png|link=T28|]]<br/>[[image:Tier 08 icon.png|link=]]T28</li> <li>[[image:USA-T28.png|link=T28|]]<br/>[[image:Tier 08 icon.png|link=]]T28</li>
 <li>[[image:USA-T95.png|link=T95|]]<br/>[[image:Tier 09 icon.png|link=]]T95</li> <li>[[image:USA-T95.png|link=T95|]]<br/>[[image:Tier 09 icon.png|link=]]T95</li>

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American tanks are great overall tanks having good maneuverability, power, and accuracy, making them exceptionally versatile. American tanks also have some of the highest rates of fire, giving them the highest damage per minute with good accuracy, but they do lack hull armor.

Light American tanks pack a bit more of a punch than their counterparts, but do lack a bit in maneuverability and speed.

Medium tanks are perfect for variable strategies as they are able to both move quickly and deliver the fire power when needed.

Heavy US tanks have very weak hulls compared to their counterparts, but have nearly-impenetrable front turret armor.

American Tank Destroyers were released with the 0.6.5 patch. This line has varied playing styles. The line start out with typical TD playing style with great cannons, with tier V and VI having the benefits of rotating turrets. Higher tier tank destroyers are very well armed and armoured, but also extremely slow. Tread carefully.

American SPGs have good speed, but low acceleration, and their accuracy and fire power land somewhere between the Soviet and German artillery. This mix of speed, coupled with fair accuracy and firepower, make them the best overall SPGs.

American Release Tank Tree
American Full Tank Tree