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Tanks of USA

Tanks of USA

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American tanks are overall great tanks having good maneuverability, firepower, accuracy and they have the best rate of fire, giving them the highest damage per minute and making them exceptionally versatile. Their downside is the lack of sufficient hull armor and they are prone to crew loss.

American light tanks pack a bit more of a punch than their counterparts, but they do lack a bit in maneuverability and speed.

American medium tanks are perfect for variable strategies as they are able to both move quickly and deliver the firepower when needed. They excel in dogfighting.

American heavy tanks have very weak hulls compared to their counterparts, but they have nearly-impenetrable front turret armor.

American tank destroyers have varied playing styles. The line starts out with a typical tank destroyer playing style with a great choice of guns, then leads to two tank destroyer lines; one with turrets and one mostly without turrets. Higher tier tank destroyers on the non-turreted line tend to be very well armed and armored, but they are extremely slow, so tread carefully. On the other hand, higher tier turreted tank destroyers tend to be very well armed but poorly armored with the exception of the T110E4. They are much more mobile compared to the non-turreted line. For these tank destroyers, acting as support is advised.

American self propelled guns have good speed, but low acceleration. Their accuracy and firepower land somewhere between the Soviet and German artillery. This mix of speed, fair accuracy, and firepower makes them the best overall artillery.

American Planned Tank Tree
American in Game (0.7.4) Tank Tree

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