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07:24, 28 December 2019(7,331 bytes)fixed typo ~~
09:50, 7 October 2018(7,322 bytes)Minor update, since the K-91 has actually decent depression
19:06, 5 March 2016(5,042 bytes)Removed a small portion of a sentence to clarify the Tier x SPG being the most accurate rather than one of.
08:40, 2 December 2015(5,027 bytes)Haswell:na moved page USSR to Tank nations ussr over redirect
03:35, 1 August 2015(4,785 bytes)Reverted edits by FockeWvlf:eu (talk) to last revision by Haswell:na
11:27, 28 July 2015(4,785 bytes)Reverted edits by ProHejter:eu (talk) to last revision by Haswell:na
20:55, 15 July 2015(4,020 bytes)Repaired after page vandalism v.2
20:53, 15 July 2015(1,717 bytes)Attempt to repair from vandalism.
00:34, 24 May 2015(4,014 bytes)Edited SPG section: corrections (Only the low tier SPGs of USSR have high firing rate. Also, they become alpha-centered as early as tier 5, not 7, as the tier 5 Su-122A has the best alpha of its tier, and also very long reload time)
06:19, 17 May 2015(70 bytes)Replaced content with "HEY THIS IS FRANZ50, I HAVE HACKED WOT WIKI. BAN ME ALL YOU WANT HAHA!"
23:20, 4 December 2014(3,945 bytes)Adjusting Soviet Tank Tree Text
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