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?<div title="{{{Legend}}}" class="l-button l-button_wide" style="margin: 0px"> +<includeonly><div title="{{{Description}}}" class="l-button" style="margin:0px"><span class="b-button {{#ifeq:{{{2|}}}|gray|b-button__gray}}">
?<span class="b-button {{#ifeq:{{{2|}}}|gray|b-button_gray}}"> +{{#switch: {{{1|}}}|external=<span class="b-button_right" id="gw-button"> [{{{Link}}} {{{Title}}}]</span>|internal=<span class="b-button_right" id="gw-button">[[{{{Link}}}|{{{Title}}}]]</span>}}</span></div></includeonly><noinclude>{{doc}}</noinclude>
?{{#switch: {{{1|}}} +
?| external=<span class="b-button_right" id="gw-button"> [{{{Link}}} {{{Title}}}]</span>+
?| internal=<span class="b-button_right" id="gw-button"> [[{{{Link}}} | {{{Title}}}]] </span>}} +

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{{Button | Internal / External
| Description
| Link
| Title

  • Use "internal" if given the link directs to any page within Wargaming.net Wiki; use "external" if the page is not.
  • "Description" can be used to specify the description of the link that will be displayed in a mouseover window.
  • "Link" directs to the page desired. If the link is internal (inside the wiki), simply write the full name of the page. If the link is external, use the https:// address.
  • "Title" is the text that will display within the button. This defaults to all capitals.

Examples of use

Example of an internal reference

{{Button | internal
| Description =
| Link = User:SeaRaptor00:na
| Title = see the template creator page


Example of an external reference

{{Button | external
| Description = Don't say I didn't warn you.
| Link = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
| Title = DO NOT CLICK