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Created page with "{{Popup | header = <span title="Expert Loader">link=</span>|content= '''Expert Loader'''<br><br>-..."
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?{{Popup | header = <span title="Expert Loader">[[File:icon_ExpertLoader_dark.png|link=]]</span>|content= +{{Popup | header = <span title="Preventative Maintenance">[[File:icon_PreventativeMaintenance_dark.png|link=]]</span>|content =
?[[Ship:Commander#List of Attack Skills|'''Expert Loader''']]<br><br>-50% to reload time when shell type is switched. | hidden = 1}}<span style="font-size:250%">{{#switch:{{{rating}}}|0=<span style="color:#A52A2A;">Χ</span>|1=★|2=★★|3=★★★|&nbsp;}}</span>+[[Ship:Commander#List of Endurance Skills|'''Preventative Maintenance''']] <br><br>-30% to the risk of incapacitation of main turrets, torpedo tubes, steering gear, engines. | hidden = 1}}<span style="font-size:250%">{{#switch:{{{rating}}}|0=<span style="color:#A52A2A;">Χ</span>|1=★|2=★★|3=★★★|&nbsp;}}</span><noinclude>[[Category:C.Skill Cells]]</noinclude>

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