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?[[File:Wows_icon_modernization_PCM022_SteeringGear_Mod_I.png|{{{Size|60px}}}|-20% to the steering gears repair time. / -20% to the risk of the steering gears becoming incapacitated.]]<noinclude>[[Category:Upgrade Info Icons]]</noinclude>+[[Ship:Upgrades#Steering_Gears_Modification.C2.A02|{{#shipstr:IDS_TITLE_PCM025_SteeringGear_Mod_II}}]] ([[File:Wows icon modernization PCM025 SteeringGear Mod II.png|{{{Size|18px}}}|{{#shipstr:IDS_DESC_PCM025_SteeringGear_Mod_II|description}}: -20% rudder shift time.|link=Ship:Upgrades#Steering_Gears_Modification.C2.A02]])<noinclude>[[Category:Upgrade Info Icons]]</noinclude>

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Steering Gears Modification 1 (Reduces rudder shift time: -20% rudder shift time.)