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 {| style="margin:auto; clear:both" {| style="margin:auto; clear:both"
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?| [[File:Sword infantry.png|Sword Infantry|link=|140px]]<br/>[[TWA:Sword_Infantry|Sword Infantry]] || [[File:Spear_Infantry.png|Spear Infantry|link=|140px]]<br/>[[TWA:Spear_Infantry|Spear Infantry]] || [[File:Ranged infantry.png|Ranged Infantry|link=|140px]]<br/>[[TWA:Ranged_Infantry|Ranged Infantry]] || [[File:Cavalry.png|Cavalry|link=|140px]]<br/>[[TWA:Cavalry|Cavalry]] || [[File:Artillery.png|Artillery|link=|140px]]<br/>[[TWA:Artillery|Artillery]] || [[File:War beast.png|War Beast|link=|140px]]<br/>[[TWA:War Beast|War Beast]] || [[Premium Units|Premium Units»]]+| [[File:Sword infantry.png|Sword Infantry|link=TWA:Sword_Infantry|140px]]<br/>[[TWA:Sword_Infantry|Sword Infantry]] || [[File:Spear_Infantry.png|Spear Infantry|link=TWA:Spear_Infantry|140px]]<br/>[[TWA:Spear_Infantry|Spear Infantry]] || [[File:Ranged infantry.png|Ranged Infantry|link=TWA:Ranged_Infantry|140px]]<br/>[[TWA:Ranged_Infantry|Ranged Infantry]] || [[File:Cavalry.png|Cavalry|link=TWA:Cavalry|140px]]<br/>[[TWA:Cavalry|Cavalry]] || [[File:Artillery.png|Artillery|link=TWA:Artillery|140px]]<br/>[[TWA:Artillery|Artillery]] || [[File:War beast.png|War Beast|link=TWA:War_Beast|140px]]<br/>[[TWA:War_Beast|War Beast]] || [[Premium Units|Premium Units»]]
 |} |}

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Total War: ARENA

Total War: ARENA is a free-to-play, team-based strategy game where players step into the boots of legendary heroes from the past to forge their legacy through combat. Built on years of Creative Assembly’s experience with the critically acclaimed Total War series, it takes the pillars of strategy, intense, tactical combat, and dedication to history the series is famous for and distills it into epic, online combat for new and old fans alike.

In massive and fast-paced 10-vs-10 RTS battles, characters control three units with hundreds of warriors and clash across ancient battlefields. Every encounter pushes each commander to sharpen their wits and strategize with their allies to secure victory. A deep progression system to level up commanders, and discover new skills, weaponry, armor and abilities are waiting as players climb the ranks. Paired with historical authenticity and deep attention to detail, Total War: ARENA takes players to the heart of battle like never before.