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Partial List of Main Gun Shell Costs
Caliber Type Ships Cost per Shell
76.2mm AP, HE USN 2Credits
105mm AP, HE KM 4Credits
127mm AP, HE USN 10Credits
130mm AP, HE VMF, PA 9Credits
150mm AP, HE KM 15Credits
152mm AP, HE VMF 10Credits
152mm AP, HE USN, RN, MN 15Credits
180mm AP, HE VMF 20Credits
203mm AP, HE MN 25Credits
203mm AP, HE USN 30Credits
203mm AP SHS USN CA 45Credits
283mm AP, HE KM 35Credits
305mm AP, HE RN, KM, IJN 40Credits
305mm AP, HE USN 45Credits
340mm AP, HE MN 55Credits
343mm AP, HE RN 40Credits
350mm AP, HE KM (P.E.F.) 75Credits
356mm AP, HE USN 60Credits
380mm AP, HE MN 120Credits
406mm AP, HE USN, RN 40Credits
460mm AP, HE IJN 440Credits ?