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T110E4 (Stock)

6100000 Price
2000 Hit Points
63.87 / 67 kgWeight
  1. Commander
254/76/38Hull Armor(front/sides/rear, mm)
203/152/152Turret Armor(front/sides/rear, mm)
875 h.p.Engine Power
35 km/hSpeed Limit
26 deg/secTraverse Speed
850 Standard Shell Damage
295 mmStandard Shell Penetration
19.5 Time for Complete Loading
18 deg/secTurret Traverse Speed
400 mView Range
745 mSignal Range
In 1954, a conference on future heavy tanks was held in Detroit. Alongside other advanced projects, the Chrysler Corporation suggested a new tank on the basis of the TS-31 project. The main condition was that the tank should fit the Bern national tunnel. Several construction variants were considered. However, the project was cancelled.

The T110E4 is the tier X turreted American Tank Destroyer. The E4 features an armored turret with a strong mantlet but many weakpoints and low depression on the gun which limit the E4's hull-down potential. This tank also has much improved frontal armor on par with the T110E5. However the sides and rear armor are still incredibly weak so make sure to keep the front towards the enemy at all times to reduce damage taken. The upgraded 155mm cannon has a lower rate of fire to balance having a rotating turret so you must stay in the line of support. Because of the nature of the design, which was finalized by Wargaming, the turret can only rotate 90 degrees to the left or right so this tank is still vulnerable to flanking to some degree. Still, the upgrade to overall armor protection and a small boost to penetration and gun handling can make this tank a serious threat to anyone who happens to face it.



Level Turret Weight (t) Turret Armor (front/sides/rear, mm) Gun Traverse Speed (deg/s) View Range (m)
turret X T110E4 20000 203/152/152 18 400
Level Gun Weight (t) Average Penetration (mm) Rate of Fire Dispersion at 100 m Aiming Time
gun X 155 mm AT Gun T7E2 3371 295/375/90 850/850/1100 3.08 0.37 2.9
Level Engine Weight (t) Engine Power (h.p.) Chance of Fire on Impact
engine X Continental AOI-1490 1200 875 20
Level Suspension Weight (t) Load Limit Traverse Speed (deg/s)
chassis X T110E4 8000 67 26
Level Radio Weight (t) Signal Range (m)
radio X AN/VRC-3 0 745

Compatible Equipment

Large Spall Liner
Camouflage Net
Fill Tanks with CO2
Coated Optics
Enhanced Gun Laying Drive
Enhanced Torsion Bars 5+ t Class
Improved Ventilation Class 3
Large-caliber Tank Gun Rammer
Binocular Telescope
"Wet" Ammo Rack Class 2

Compatible Consumables

Automatic Fire Extinguisher
Case of Cola
100-octane Gasoline
105-octane Gasoline
Manual Fire Extinguisher
Large First Aid Kit
Large Repair Kit
Small First Aid Kit
Small Repair Kit

Player Opinion

Pros and Cons


  • Good Alpha damage and increased accuracy over the T30's 155mm variant
  • Has a mounted turret
  • Decent mobility
  • Acceptable frontal armor
  • Large tracks with some armor backing and no sponsons as well as a mid-mounted turret make the T110-style hull near the best f


  • Other than the mantlet, the turret front is quite fragile, since it's flat. The cupola is also a significant weakpoint
  • Guns with over 250mm of penetration are able to penetrate the mantlet
  • The turret has limited traverse, up to 180° (90° to both sides), which makes it very vulnerable to flanking
  • Weak sides below the tracks and a large rear engine mount which is targetable from some frontal angles are easily penetrated
  • The ammo Rack is very weak if hit, often in low-armored areas


The T110E4 is everything players wished the T30 could be on maps with flat ground; it is well armored with a very powerful gun. The E4 has the stopping power of your typical tank destroyer, however if necessary it can play the role of a heavy tank to make a push. Don't be afraid if you have to get in close and brawl as the armor scheme allows you to do so. Be aware, if your enemy is given a chance to aim for weakspots, the E4 has plenty; keep moving to throw off their aim. If played mindfully, this can be a very versatile and rewarding machine.

Historical Info

Article Pulled from Tankopedia.com (https://blog.tankpedia.org/2013/05/30/the-t110-120mm-heavy-tank-project/)

Initiated on December 3, 1954, the T110 120mm heavy tank project began (Estes). Prior work had begun on October 30 for cannons to be used in this project, the T204 and T179, 120mm cannons. On September 18, 1956 the project would be canceled in light of the success of the T43 project which would lead to the M103 (Estes). The T110 began life as concept TS-31 and was given to Chrysler Corporation with their proposal being the 120mm gun tank T110 (Hunnicutt). There were multiple versions of the T110 that were proposed. The initial proposal was rejected as its dimensions would of prohibited the vehicles passage through the Berne International Tunnel, a requirement for the project (Hunnicutt). A further requirement was that the vehicle have a 50 ton weight limit (Hunnicutt). As design progressed the T123E1 was selected as the cannon (Hunnicutt). All total there were five T110 designs (Hunnicutt). The names Chrysler and Detroit Arsenal should be considered interchangeable when reading on the development of this tank. To be clear the Detroit Arsenal, or Detroit Arsenal Tank Plant (DATP) was established by Chrysler but owned and by the United States government and alternately would be Army operated or contractor operated (“Detroit Arsenal Tank Plant”). Chrysler operated the facility during the development of the T110; having regained it from the Army in 1952 (“Detroit Arsenal Tank Plant”).

The T110E4 represents the 4th proposal for the T110 project.

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