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Tashkent survives after ramming an enemy Yūgumo.

Ramming is the act of intentionally colliding with another ship. Typically, ramming is a last-ditch tactic, as it usually results in the destruction of the involved ships. A collision between allied ships causes team damage, but the amount of damage is drastically lower than those between allied and enemy ships.


When ramming an enemy ship, a certain amount of damage is inflicted to the hit point pools of both ships. If a ship receives damage that exceeds 10% of its total hit points, it will begin flooding. There are two important factors which affect the amount of damage inflicted by ramming: a ship's speed and the size of its hit point pool.


Speed is the factor which determines the level of damage inflicted to another ship. To ensure the maximum amount of damage is caused to an enemy ship, collisions must be achieved at the highest speed possible. High-speed collisions immediately inflict a high level of damage to both involved ships. These types of collisions typically result in the destruction of one or both of the involved ships. In contrast, Low-speed collisions do not inflict a high level of damage. Instead, a lowered amount of damage is inflicted to both ships during the time they contact each other. The amount of damage is dependent on the speed of impact. This type of collision is not common because it only occurs when the combined collision speed is very low, between 0 and 5 knots.

Size of Hit Point Pool

Damage from a collision is not determined by a ship's current hit points (HP). Rather, a ship's total HP pool determines the maximum amount of damage that it can inflict to an enemy ship. In a high-speed collision, a ship with a large HP pool has the potential to inflict heavy damage. Ships with small HP pools, such as destroyers, have a reduced maximum damage output in a collision.

For example, Yamato has 97,200 HP. Since ramming damage is determined by the total HP pool, Yamato is capable of inflicting 97,200 damage through ramming. If a Yamato with 5,000 HP remaining were to ram an enemy Yamato with 97,200 HP, both ships would be destroyed. This is because the maximum damage output during a collision is determined by the total HP pool of ships, rather than the current HP in a battle.

Flags and Achievements

Hotel Yankee flags.

If a player rams an enemy ship during a battle and survives, that player will be awarded a Die Hard achievement.

Hotel Yankee signal flags are rewarded for earning a Die Hard achievement, and provide the following effects:

  • -20% to damage received when ramming the enemy.
  • +50% to damage dealt when ramming the enemy.


In order to execute a ram, a player must try to predict what the target ship will do.


By taking note of an enemy ship's movement, it is possible to predict its path and effectively ram it. Questions to consider are:

  1. Is the enemy ship traveling forwards or backward?
  2. Is the enemy ship accelerating or decelerating?
  3. Is the enemy ship going to turn?

Other Considerations

There are important tactical issues which should be addressed:

  1. Does the enemy ship have torpedoes?
  2. Are there other enemy ships in the area which may hinder the execution of a ram?
  3. Does the player's ship have a total HP pool value higher than the target ship's current HP?

These three issues should be considered when determining the chance of successfully executing a ram. A ship with torpedoes will likely pull a hard turn at the last second to try and launch torpedoes. This should be accounted for to reduce the chance of failure. Proper situational awareness will benefit players in determining whether a target ship has torpedoes, if they are ready to launch, and if there are enemy ships nearby which can hinder the player's approach. The third point takes into consideration the maximum damage output in a high-speed ram. To ensure that the target will be destroyed, the total HP pool value of the player's ship must exceed the current HP of the enemy ship.