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Henri IV

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Henri IV
Cruiser | France | Tier X
Tech Tree Position
Research price238000 exp
Purchase price19 500 000 Credits
Hit Points53 300 
Main Battery
240 mm/55 Mle 19393 х 3 pcs.
Rate of Fire4.88 shots/min.
Reload Time12.3 sec.
Rotation Speed5.5 deg./sec.
180 Degree Turn Time32.73 sec.
Firing Range19.08 km.
Maximum Dispersion164 m.
HE Shell240 mm HE OEA Mle 1939 
Maximum HE Shell Damage3400 
Chance of Fire on Target Caused by HE Shell22 %
Initial HE Shell Velocity845 m./s.
HE Shell Weight220 kg.
AP Shell240 mm AP OPfK Mle 1939 
Maximum AP Shell Damage6200 
Initial AP Shell Velocity845 m./s.
AP Shell Weight220 kg.
Secondary Armament #1
127 mm/54 Mle 19486 х 2 pcs.
Firing Rangekm.
Rate of Fire15 shots/min.
Reload Timesec.
HE Shell127 mm HE Mark 41 
Maximum HE Shell Damage1800 
Initial HE Shell Velocity808 m./s.
Chance of Fire on Target Caused by HE Shel%
Torpedo Tubes
550 mm tube lance-torpilles2 х 3 pcs.
Rate of Fire0.67 shots/min.
Reload Time90 sec.
Rotation Speed25 deg./sec.
180 Degree Turn Time7.2 sec.
Torpedo550 mm 23DT 
Maximum Damage14 833 
Torpedo Speed60 knot
Torpedo Rangekm.
AA Defense
57 mm/60 ACAD Mle 19518 х 2 pcs.
. . . Average Damage per Second204 
. . . Firing Range4.5 km.
127 mm/54 Mle 19486 х 2 pcs.
. . . Average Damage per Second94.2 
. . . Firing Range5.19 km.
Maximum Speed35 knot
Turning Circle Radius840 m.
Rudder Shift Time11.8 sec.
Surface Detectability Range16.56 km.
Air Detectability Range10.35 km.
Battle Levels
19 500 000

Henri IV — French Tier X cruiser.

Desarrollado durante el proyecto precedente con defensas antiaéreas mejoradas, este crucero equipaba cañones principales de 240 mm. El barco tenía una potente planta propulsora y una alta velocidad.


Batería principal Rate of Fire
180 Degree Turn Time
Maximum Dispersion
Maximum HE Shell Damage
Chance of Fire on Target Caused by HE Shell
Maximum AP Shell Damage
Research price
Purchase price
240 mm/55 Mle 19394,932,731643400226200 02 000 000
Casco Hit Points
Main Turrets
Secondary Gun Turrets
AA Mounts
Torpedo Tubes
Hangar Capacity
Research price
Purchase price
Henri IV (A)53 3006220368/620 02 900 000
Torpedos Rate of Fire
Torpedo Tubes Reload Time
180 Degree Turn Time
Maximum Damage
Torpedo Speed
Torpedo Range
Research price
Purchase price
550 mm 23DT0,7907,214 833609 01 600 000
Sistema de control de tiro Firing Range Increase
Maximum Firing Range
Research price
Purchase price
PCA n° 10 Mle 1019,1 01 800 000
Motor Maximum Speed
Research price
Purchase price
Propulsión: 220 000 cv35 01 600 000

Compatible Upgrades

 Slot 1  Modificación 1 del armamento principal Modificación 1 del armamento auxiliar Modificación 1 de la santabárbara
 Slot 2  Modificación 2 de la batería principal Modificación 1 de la batería secundaria Modificación 1 de los cañones AA Modificación 1 de los sistemas de tiro
 Slot 3  Modificación 2 de los cañones AA Modificación 3 de la batería principal Modificación 3 de los tubos de torpedo Modificación 2 del sistema de control de tiro Modificación 2 de la batería secundaria
 Slot 4  Modificación 1 del sistema de control de daños Modificación 1 de la propulsión Modificación 1 del aparato de gobierno
 Slot 5  Modificación 2 del sistema de control de daños Modificación 2 de la propulsión Modificación 2 del aparato de gobierno
 Slot 6  Modificación 1 del sistema de localización de objetivos Modificación 1 del sistema de ocultación Modificación 3 del sistema de control de daños

Player Opinion


Proudly standing at the peak of the French cruisers tree, Henri IV takes her place alongside the Russian Moskva as the second “Big Gun” cruiser of Tier X. Henri IV’s key upgrades from her predecessor Saint-Louis are her speed — now capable of 35 knots in a straight line — and her new 3x3 240mm guns: 20mm bigger than those of Moskva. Her main battery shells have the highest armor piercing damage available to Tier X cruisers, and tie with Zao for the most high explosive damage. Combined with the excellent penetration statistics, good accuracy and great range, these guns combined with her amazing speed, make Henri IV a very potent ship.

Several trade-offs must be made in order to squeeze guns of this caliber on to a cruiser hull: they have the second longest reload time, below-average shell velocity, and there are only carries nine of them. Henri IV is armed with torpedoes — a single triple-tube 550mm torpedo launcher on each side of the ship — which boast decent range, reload, and speed, but deal low damage. Henri IV captains have far fewer torpedoes available than captains of Hindenburg, Minotaur, or Zao and as such, they must be treated as a supplementary or last-ditch weapon. Henri IV’s base AA performance is lackluster, but her 57mm and 127mm guns have excellent range and decent damage when upgraded via modules and commander skills, with the latter fully benefitting from the Manual Control for AA Armament skill. Her AA is good enough for self-defense, but won’t truly be capable of defending friendly ships like most high-tier cruisers can.

While Henri IV lacks a catapult to launch reconnaissance seaplane or catapult fighter, she comes with a choice between Defensive Fire or Hydroacoustic Search as well as default access to the improved French cruiser version of Engine Boost consumable that increases her speed by a massive 20%. Combined with the Sierra Mike signal flag, she is capable of reaching 43.9 knots... which is patently absurd for a cruiser. As with all high-tier cruisers, she also has access to Repair Party. Captains have a choice between Defensive Fire for a massive increase in her AA performance, or Hydroacoustic Search for hunting destroyers, something the speed-demon Henri IV excels at.

Similar to the rest of the French cruisers, Henri IV’s armor isn’t to be heavily relied upon. She does have the second highest health pool of all Tier X cruisers, but her large size and poor concealment coupled with her limited armor can lead to an over-extending Henri IV being sent back to port very quickly. Henri IV’s speed can almost work against her, as she must avoid overextending at all costs, something that is a tad difficult in a ship that goes so fast. Overall, Henri IV poses a threat to nearly every ship class in the game, capable of mercilessly pursuing destroyers and slamming them with high-damage and accurate HE shells, able to re-position rapidly mid-battle to cover multiple fronts at once, equipped oppose enemy cruisers with her superior gun caliber, and still readily take on battleships with her excellent guns and her torpedoes. She is a Tier X cruiser worthy of addition to any captain's port.


  • Henri IV’s shells have excellent penetration statistics and she has the highest AP Damage and ties with Zao for the highest HE damage.
  • Fire chance of 22% on primary he shells is unsurpassed among cruisers.
  • Henri IV is leagues ahead of all other cruisers at her tier, and with Engine Boost active Henri IV can catch up to and even outrun high-tier destroyers, capable of reaching 43.9 knots!
  • Henri IV carries the biggest guns of Tier X cruisers, moving Moskva’s 220mm guns to second place with her own 240mm guns.
  • Second highest health amongst Tier X cruisers.
  • Armed with three torpedo tubes per broadside with decent range, speed and reload speed.


  • Poor shell velocity on both HE and AP shells.
  • Fewer number of guns plus a longer reload time reduces Henri IV’s DPM capabilities.
  • Mediocre AA characteristics.
  • Limited torpedo capabilities compared to other Tier X cruisers armed with torpedoes.
  • Second worst concealment value, after Moskva.
  • While fast in a straight line, Henri IV bleeds a lot of speed in a hard turn.
  • Lacks aviation facilities for a reconnaissance seaplane or a catapult fighter.


As a Tier X ship, Henri IV has no additional modules to research.

Optimal Configuration


For Upgrade Slot 1, take Main Armaments Mod 1. Henri IV’s guns are her lifeline and this reduces the chances of them being knocked out.

For Upgrade Slot 2, the main two choices are Aiming Systems Mod 1 to improve the performance of her main guns, or AA Guns Modification 2 to increase the range of her AA guns, as while not as good as her peers, Henri IV’s AA has consistent long range.

For Upgrade Slot 3, there are multiple options to choose from, depending on her captain’s personal preferences. Main Battery Modification 3 reduces the reload speed of the main guns from 12.3 seconds to 10.8 seconds at the cost of turret traverse speed. Alternatively, Henri IV has the second longest base main gun range of 19.1km, and Gun Fire Control System Modification 2 raises this to a staggering 22.1km. Finally, AA Guns Modification 3 is viable to raise Henri IV’s AA effectiveness.

For Upgrade Slot 4, the preferable choice is the rare module Engine Boost Modification 1 to give her a staggering 270 seconds or 4.5 minutes of active Engine Boost Time. If this module is not owned however, the best choice is Damage Control System Modification 1, as Henri IV is a large target to planes, torpedoes and HE shells.

For Upgrade Slot 5, Propulsion Modification 2 is the prime choice, as Henri IV significantly slows down when making any sort of turn, and takes a while to get back up to full speed. Alternatively, Damage Control System Modification 2 helps reduce how long Henri IV burns and floods.

For Upgrade Slot 6, Concealment Modification 1 is vital to allowing Henri IV to properly position herself without being spotted by enemy ships and to escape enemy ships should the battle turn against her favor.

Commander Skills


Type 1, 2, or 5 camouflage can be equipped for credits; Types 2 or 5 are recommended at a minimum to reduce the accuracy of incoming shells.

Players who wish to spend doubloons can equip Henri IV with Type 20 camouflage that lowers her detection radius, reduces the accuracy of incoming shells, reduces her repair costs, increases her credit earnings, and increases the amount of experience she earns.



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