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FV215b (183)

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GB48_FV215b_183 (Stock)

6100000 Precio
2000 Puntos de impacto
59.96 / 64 kgPeso
  1. Comandante
152.4/50.8/76.2Blindaje del chasis(frontal/laterales/trasero, mm)
254/101.6/76.2Blindaje de la torreta(frontal/laterales/trasero, mm)
800 CVPotencia del motor
34.3 km/hLímite de velocidad
32 grados/sVelocidad de rotación
1150 Daño de proyectil estándar
310 mmPerforación estándar del proyectil
30 Carga del cañón
16 grados/sVelocidad de rotación torreta
400 mCampo de vista
750 mAlcance de radio
FV215b (183)
FV215b (183)
Esta propuesta de antitanque pesado utilizó componentes del Mk. II Conqueror. El vehículo montaba el cañón sobre una torreta oscilante trasera. El proyecto fue cancelado poco después de construirse un vehículo de prueba.

Assault tank based on the Conqueror chassis with a 183mm gun mounted on it. The project was cancelled in the 1950s and it never saw military service.

The "land arty." This known for its notoriously apocalyptic gun. Especially when loaded with premium shells, this monster is a death sentence to any tank and you must avoid frontal combat with this tank at all costs unless it's reloading.

As a downside, the FV215b (183) can only turn its turret 45 degrees either direction. The gun has a horrific load time and low ammo capacity, comparable to SPGs, and is not very accurate. So as long as you can outmaneuver its gun range you will be able to destroy it.

FV215b (183)


Nivel Torreta Peso (t) Blindaje de la torreta (frontal/laterales/trasero, mm) Velocidad de giro del cañón (gra/s) Alcance de visión (m)
turret X FV215b 17000 254/101.6/76.2 16 400
Nivel Cañón Peso (t) Penetración media (mm) Cadencia de tiro Dispersión a 100 m Tiempo de apuntamiento
gun X 183 mm L4 5400 310/275/92 1150/1750/1750 2 0.4 3.4
Nivel Motor Peso (t) Potencia del motor (c.v.) Probabilidad de incendio tras disparo
engine X Rolls-Royce Meteor Mk. 12 744 800 20
Nivel Suspensión Peso (t) Límite de carga Velocidad de giro (gra/s)
chassis X FV215b 12000 64 32
Nivel Radio Peso (t) Alcance de radio (m)
radio X SR C45 0 750

Compatible Equipment

Antifragmentación grande
Red de camuflaje
Llenado de tanques con CO2
Óptica recubierta
Cierre de retícula mejorado
Muelles helicoidales horizontales mejorados clase 3
Ventilación mejorada clase 3
Barra de carga de cañón de calibre pesado
Telescopio binocular
Caja de herramientas
Compartimento de munición "húmedo" clase 2

Compatible Consumables

Extintor automático de incendios
Gasolina de 100 octanos
Gasolina de 105 octanos
Extintor manual de incendios
Botiquín de primeros auxilios grande
Kit de reparación grande
Pudding y té
Botiquín de primeros auxilios pequeño
Kit de reparación pequeño

Player Opinion

Pros and Cons


  • Unbelievable raw gun statistics: mind-boggling damage-per-shot, overkill penetration
  • Very wide fire arc vs other British TDs or even TDs in general
  • Excels at peek-a-boom while sidescraping


  • Long reloading cycle
  • Poor gun handling: aim time is long but not unexpected, dispersion bloom from any source is extreme; subpar accuracy
  • Very limited ammunition storage


This vehicle is very different from its predecessor. The 18.3cm gun is still immensely powerful(as powerful as the 180mm gun on the Object 261) and has a turret as well. Due to these facts, the vehicle is capable to spread fear and unorganized retreat under its opponents on close and middle distances, making it a quite powerful defensive unit. Nevertheless, these advantages are only useful in urban battlefields, where flanking operations are often unavailable for the enemy due to cover from the own team.

On open and plain maps players should strictly avoid to lead a push in the first few minutes of a round if they do not want to get blown up by artillery fire and flanking medium tanks. Furthermore a player should look for good cover, from which he or she is able to open fire while staying undetected. In case of the necessity of a push always stay in the second row and try to get flank cover from other tanks. If your teammates do not react or even refuse to cover you, try to use the landscape even more in order to avoid as much direct enemy fire as possible. When this is not possible, have an eye on the positions of the enemy and those of your team members and go to positions, from which you have natural cover from your team members (because then they will spot the enemy before they are able to spot you).

Finally, if you have HESH loaded, and you have a nice IS-7 in your sights, let the gun crack and see him lose most, if not all of his HP. Also, using gold rounds, the FV can easily turn an astray battle entirely in your favor. However, with only 230mm of penetration and a tendency for tracks and other spaced armor prevent penetration, the HESH shell is the ultimate in randomness and can only be used with careful aim or deliberate acceptance of 500 damage per shot.

Early Research

Vehicle is elite in its stock configuration.

Historical Info

The FV215b (183) was a project variant of the FV 214, or its more known name, the Conqueror. The 183mm L4 tank gun developed by ARDE in the mid 50’s is the largest tank gun ever made and was first tested on the FV 4005 Conway. The huge gun, firing only HE or HESH rounds, was designed with the ability to defeat any current (IS-3) or future Soviet armour. After tests failed the gun would attempted to be mounted on the conqueror as the FV215b. Information about this project is very limited, as the project was scrapped after a full size mock up was built and examined.

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