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A-32 (Stock)

1450 Coste
560 PVDurabilidad
19.54 / 21.3 Peso
  1. Comandante
  2. Artillero
  3. Operador de radio
  4. Conductor
  5. Cargador
35/30/16Blindaje del casco(frontal/laterales/trasero, mm)
35/35/35Blindaje de la torreta(frontal/laterales/trasero, mm)
540 c.v.Potencia del motor
70 km/hVelocidad punta / velocidad marcha atrás
40 gra/sVelocidad de giro
160 damage
66 mmPenetración media
11.5837104072398 Tiempo en completar carga
40 gra/sVelocidad de giro del cañón
230 mAlcance de visión
500 mAlcance de radio
Carro medio experimental. El A-32 y el A-20 fueron desarrollados y sometidos a pruebas al mismo tiempo. El A-32 entró en servicio y evolucionó en el T-34.

Originally available as part of the game's Light Pre-Order Package. It was also briefly available from the Gift Shop before being withdrawn. Classified as a light tank at the game's release, it was reclassified as a medium tank a few months later. The

A-32 has similar mobility to the A-20, with extra add on of the +15mm of Frontal hull armor, and +10mm of side hull armor. The Turret also has an extra +10mm of armor in contrast to the A-20. This can make a significant change in defensive tactics if used properly. The A-32's main distinction is the 76mm L-10U, which is a short barreled "Derp Gun". This cannon can wreck some serious havok on the opponent if used in a proper manner. The drawbacks to this high alpha power, would be the long reload and very long aiming time. which contrasts entirely to the similar A-20's low alpha, quick firing rate guns. Due to the Thicker armor(although , keep in mind, only by mere mm) A-32 required a bigger engine, and therefore has a higher Horsepower. Although , this comes with the drawback of the slower traverse speed. 40 degrees for both turret and tracks.Due to the tank being classified as a medium tank, it has gained the status of being the fastest medium in the mobile platform to date. This tank also receives preferential matchmaking.



Nivel Torreta Blindaje de la torreta (frontal/laterales/trasero, mm) Velocidad de giro del cañón (gra/s) Alcance de visión (m) Experiencia Peso (t)
IV A-32 35/35/35 40 230 0 3200
Nivel Cañón Penetración media (mm) Cadencia de tiro Dispersión a 100 m Tiempo de apuntamiento Experiencia Peso (t)
III 76mm L-10U 66/75/20 160/160/200 5.18 0.45 2.3 0 641


Nivel Motor Potencia del motor (c.v.) Probabilidad de incendio tras disparo Experiencia Peso (t)
V BD-2 540 15 0 750

Nivel Suspensión Límite de carga Velocidad de giro (gra/s) Experiencia Peso (t)
V A-32 21.3 40 0 5000


Nivel Radio Alcance de radio (m) Experiencia Peso (t)
IV _71-TK-3U 500 0 100

Compatible Equipment

Planchas de blindaje medio
Red de camuflaje
Ópticas recubiertas
Cierre de la retícula mejorado
Suspensión Christie mejorada
Filtro ciclónico
Ventilación mejorada clase 2
Barra de carga para carro media
Telescopio binocular
Caja de herramientas
Municiones "húmedas" clase 1

Compatible Consumables

Player Opinion

Pros and Cons


-High alpha damage ,Fastest medium in the game ,Thicker armor than A-20 counterpart ,High amount of ammunition storage


-Poor reload ,Slower traverse ,Aim time


A-32 plays like an A-20 would, with the exception of the derp( high alpha, long reload ) gun. Due to this, suggestions would be to flank the enemy, and use the speed to get around the enemy tanks and pound he, heat, or ap shells into their weaker armor. If you are being attacked, this tank performs well at angling it's armor against an obstacle, due to the sloped frontal armor, and the 35mm of upper glacis plate armor. You should always keep this tank moving, or angling, because that is where it performs at its best.

Historical Info

==Production history of the T-34, A-32 being T-34's prototype== Koshkin convinced Soviet leader Joseph Stalin to let him develop a second prototype, a more heavily armed and armoured "universal tank" which could replace both the T-26 and the BT tanks. The second prototype Koshkin named A-32, after its 32 millimetres (1.3 in) of frontal armour. It also had a 76.2 mm (3 in) gun, and the same model V-2 diesel engine. Both were tested in field trials at Kubinka in 1939, with the heavier A-32 proving to be as mobile as the A-20. A still heavier version of the A-32 with 45 millimetres (1.8 in) of front armour and wider tracks was approved for production as the T-34. Koshkin chose the name after the year 1934 when he began to formulate his ideas about the new tank, and to commemorate the decree expanding the armoured force and the appointment of Sergo Ordzhonikidze to head tank production.

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