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Salutation à toi, utilisateur du Wiki!

Pour faciliter une communication efficace et pratique entre :

  • les utilisateurs du jeu,
  • les rédacteurs en chef,
  • les professionnels de tous les services de Wargaming, et,
  • ceux des autres pays.

Il a été créé une page de discussion wiki. D'autres pages de discussion associés seront consacré aux discussions publiques sur toutes les questions liées aux pages wiki. Tous les utilisateurs sont les bienvenus. Ils sont encouragés à créer et à participer à ces discussions.

Toutes les discussions seront organisées dans la page de discussion.

Editing Tips

  • Never, ever, edit the comments of another user. Doing so will be considered as acts of vandalism.

  • Always sign your comments by adding four tildes (~~~~). This automatically adds your name, links to your user and user talk pages, and a timestamp.

  • To start a new discussion, please create a new section with a descriptive title. This can be done by manually creating a new heading through the use of two equal signs around your title (==*insert title here*==), or by pressing the + button at the top of the page.

  • The first comment in a section will have no colons before it. When you reply to a statement, you should use one more colon than the number that appear in the statement you're replying to. For example, if you're replying to a statement that has 2 colons before it, your response should have 3 colons before it.

  • The following is an example of a talk page discussion using indentation.
Input text Displayed text
How's the soup? --[[User:John]]
:It's great!! --[[User:Jane]]
::I made it myself! --[[User:John]]
Let's move the discussion to [[Talk:Soup]]. --[[User:Jane]]
:I tend to disagree. --[[User:George]]
How's the soup? --John
It's great!! --Jane
I made it myself! --John

Let's move the discussion to Talk:Soup. --Jane

I tend to disagree. --George

  • If you wish to reply to a comment that has already been replied to, place your response below the last response, while still only adding one colon to the number of colons preceding the statement you're replying to. In this example, note that Jane, George and Jim are each responding to John's comment.
Input text Displayed text
How's the soup? --[[User:John]]
:It's great!! --[[User:Jane]]
:Not too bad.. --[[User:George]]
:Terrible. --[[User:Jim]]
How's the soup? --John
It's great!! --Jane
Not too bad.. --George
Terrible. --Jim

  • Note how equally-indented comments are displayed in one paragraph. Jane and George's replies are in the same paragraph. But a new paragraph is the normal style for when the speaker changes. So to produce the normal distinction between speakers (to avoid confusion) add a linebreak first as Jim has done.

  • This example shows a more complex discussion. Even though Jane has responded to John first, and Elliot responded to Jane, we can still easily see that George's comment is meant to be in response to John's original question:
Input text Displayed text
How's the soup? --[[User:John]]
:It's great!! --[[User:Jane]]
::Just ''how'' great was it? --[[User:Elliot]]
:::''Really'' great! --[[User:Jane]]
:Not too bad.. --[[User:George]]
::I thought it was a ''little'' bad... --[[User:Sam]]

How's the soup? --John

It's great!! --Jane
Just how great was it? --Elliot
Really great! --Jane
Not too bad.. --George
I thought it was a little bad... --Sam

  • Note that if your comment consists of more than one paragraph, you must repeat the colons at the start of each paragraph.

Moderation Policy

  • Moderation of the wiki discussion pages will be conducted by volunteer wiki staff.

  • Polite debates are encouraged. Insults and attacks toward other users are not.

  • Spam and links to spam are not permitted anywhere.

  • Inappropriate content such as disturbing images and pornography will not be tolerated.

  • Profanity and inappropriate language are not permitted anywhere, even in censored or abbreviated forms. The wiki staff reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of language use.

  • "Hard-to-read" comments such as ALL CAPS, constantly changing font sizes/types and color are highly discouraged.

  • Up to two warnings will be issued to offenders for each offense before punishments are issued. Warnings will expire at the discretion of the wiki staff (typically 14-30 days). Depending on the severity of the transgression, offenders may be punished immediately without warning.

  • Punishment for all offenses will be the removal of editing rights for varying durations at the discretion of the moderating wiki staff, depending on the severity of the offense and user history

  • In case of disputes, please contact the wiki staff on their talk pages.

Wiki Staff Members

Please note that this list will not always be up-to-date, but the wiki staff will try to update it as regularly as possible. Unless absolutely necessary, please only contact active wiki staff members.

Active Wiki Staff

Wiki Staff with a bad Internet Connection

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