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M4A2E4 Sherman

M4A2E4 Sherman

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M4A2E4 (Stock)

2350 Coût
720 PSDurabilité
31.8 / 33.3 Poids
  1. Chef de char
  2. Tireur
  3. Pilote
  4. Opérateur radio
  5. Chargeur
64/38/38Blindage caisse(avant/flancs/arrière, mm)
76.2/50.8/50.8Blindage tourelle(avant/flancs/arrière, mm)
420 chPuissance moteur
52 km/hVitesse maximale / en marche arrière
37 °/sVitesse de rotation
160 damage
92 mmPénétration moyenne
7.3 Temps pour un chargement complet
39 °/sVitesse de rotation du canon
240 mPortée de vue
500 mPortée du signal radio
M4A2E4 Sherman
M4A2E4 Sherman

This tank was awarded to players who managed at least 1,000 battles during Beta testing. It is essentially a heavier variant of the M4 Sherman. It sports decent mobility and a relatively acceptable gun for its tier, which has no problems penetrating light and most medium tanks but will struggle to penetrate heavy tanks. It also has straight-angled hull armor instead more rounded hull that the M4 Sherman has, potentially resulting in shells bouncing more frequently.



Niveau  Tourelle Blindage tourelle (avant/flancs/arrière, mm) Vitesse de rotation du canon (°/s) Portée de vue (m) Expérience Poids (t)
V M4A2E4D51066 76.2/50.8/50.8 39 240 0 5000
Niveau  Canon Pénétration moyenne (mm) Cadence de tir Dispersion à 100 m Temps de visée Expérience Poids (t)
IV 75 mm Gun M3 92/127/20 160/160/200 8.22 0.43 2 0 1437


Niveau  Moteur Puissance moteur (ch) Probabilité d'incendie à l'impact Expérience Poids (t)
V General Motors 6046 420 15 0 549

Niveau  Suspension Limite de charge Vitesse de rotation (°/s) Expérience Poids (t)
V M4A2E4T42 33.3 37 0 8000


Niveau  Radio Portée du signal radio (m) Expérience Poids (t)
VIII SCR_508_1 500 0 100

Compatible Equipment

Revêtement anti-éclats (Moyen)
Filet de camouflage
Optiques traitées
Système de visée amélioré
Barres de torsion Classe 3 t renforcées
Ventilation Classe 2 améliorée
Fouloir de canon moyen calibre
Télescope binoculaire
Boîte à outils
Râtelier de munitions "Humide" - Classe 1

Compatible Consumables

Avis des joueurs

Points forts/faibles

Points forts :

  • Sloped frontal armor
  • Good acceleration
  • Good hull traverse speed
  • Good turret traverse
  • Good signal range

Points faibles :

  • Larger than the regular M4
  • Poor penetration for its tier
  • Inaccurate gun


The performance of this tank is comparable to the T14, though the T14 has better all round armor at the cost of reduced mobility. Like other premium vehicles, the M4A2E4 is a good moneymaker and a pleasure to drive, unless assigned in high tier battles where the lack of penetration of its gun becomes obvious, and it often is. Unless it's in the top tier, this tank is most effective when supporting other tanks.

Informations Historiques

M4A2E4 tank was part of experiments made with different types of suspensions which led to the adoption of the HVSS suspension system on Sherman family of tanks. Two M4A2E4 prototypes were built in the summer of 1943. Performance of the independent torsion bar suspension was considered unsatisfactory due to severe maintenance problems which lead to the cancellation of the development.

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