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Version du 12 septembre 2013 à 08:32
fixed a few descriptions......lots of them messed up. Someone needs to match them correctly
Version du 28 octobre 2013 à 10:58
Ligne 215 :Ligne 215 :
 |s=800m x 800m |s=800m x 800m
 |c=Winter |c=Winter
?|d=A town is the primary setting for combat actions. Mountain trails can offer tactical advantages. High-speed vehicles should provide cover for friendly SPGs that will probably linger near their base.+|d=The mountain trails on the sides allow snipers to lay waste to enemies in the town below. Only after campers from given side have been pushed back the offensive through the town can truly progress. Pay attention to scouts trying to sneak through frozen river bed or you're at risk of losing your SPGs that are fairly efficient at removing the campers from the trails.
 }}| }}|
 {{#ifeq:{{{map}}}|Tundra|{{{{{template}}}|m={{{map}}} {{#ifeq:{{{map}}}|Tundra|{{{{{template}}}|m={{{map}}}

Version du 28 octobre 2013 à 10:58


  • All variables are caps sensitive.
  • Maps must have two images associated with them and properly named (see existing maps for details):
    • map.jpg - 512x512 map
    • map screen.jpg - 1920x1200 loading screen
    • the map name (*n) is a link to a page by the same name.
  • m - {{#ifeq:{{{map}}}|the actual file name (ie. "Hills")|{{{{{template}}}|m={{{map}}}
  • n - map name in game, (i.e. "Mines", note, most will have the same name as the file name, but be careful of spaces)
  • s - map size, in meters (i.e. "1000m x 1000m")
  • c - map camouflage type (i.e. Winter, Summer, or Desert)
  • d - map description (i.e. "This map has ...")
  • x - map is in development and not released (i.e. "yes" or nothing)



}} *add at end of template for each new map*
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