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{{#ifeq:{{{map}}}|El Hallouf|{{{{{template}}}|m={{{map}}} |n=El Halluf |s=1000m x 1000m |c = Desert |d=A large valley filled with rocks, vegetation, and a small village surrounding a dried out river bed separate the two teams. The large hills on either side of the valley offer many firing positions, and very little cover in the valley will protect a large tank completely against all positions. Regardless of approach, attackers will face a long climb into the enemy's camp, and effective use of the cover en route is essential. The northern approach offers plentiful protection to attack either hill, but the southern approach makes up for lack of protection with shorter distances and better concealment. }}|


  • All variables are caps sensitive.
  • Maps must have two images associated with them and properly named (see existing maps for details):
    • map.jpg - 512x512 map
    • map screen.jpg - 1920x1200 loading screen
    • the map name (*n) is a link to a page by the same name.
  • m - {{#ifeq:{{{map}}}|the actual file name (ie. "Hills")|{{{{{template}}}|m={{{map}}}
  • n - map name in game, (i.e. "Mines", note, most will have the same name as the file name, but be careful of spaces)
  • s - map size, in meters (i.e. "1000m x 1000m")
  • c - map camouflage type (i.e. Winter, Summer, or Desert)
  • d - map description (i.e. "This map has ...")
  • x - map is in development and not released (i.e. "yes" or nothing)



}} *add at end of template for each new map*
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