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 *[ Kubana's massive custom skin topic] *[ Kubana's massive custom skin topic]
 *[ Maniox's Custom skin topic] *[ Maniox's Custom skin topic]
?*[ Tank Crew voice sound]: russian, ukrainian, german and english.+*[ Tank Crew voice sound]: Russian, Ukrainian, German, and English.
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WoT Skins and Mods Installer


Managing Your Skins and Mods


Tank Mods


Some great mods to use:


Backing up your (skin) files:


Enjoy the Sexiness:


Making your own custom skin


Tank Skin Libraries and Other Files

eXtended Visualization Mod (XVM)


  • Vehicle markers (formerly OverTargetMarkers)
  • Disable Postmortem Panel
  • Control Vehicle Icons
  • Control Players Panel (width, transparency, content)
  • Clock in battle loading screen
  • Player/clan icon
  • Vehicle icon sets
  • In-game players rating (xvm-full packages only)


  1. Install Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
  2. Install library Dokan
  3. Download the version you want (full or lite) from their site wot-xvm
  4. Unzip the file into the game folder
  5. Create a configuration file "XVM.xvmconf" in the res_mods\0.7.x\gui\flash folder:
    • Use a pregenerated config from xvm-doc\samples folder
    • Create a custom configuration with the online generator xvm-editor


In order to this MOD to work, you have to start the game with wot-xvm-proxy.exe from the root of the game. This will load the game directly. If you want to launch the game with the laucher, run the file with the following commands:

wot-xvm-proxy.exe /launcher: wot-xvm-proxy.exe /launcher

You can then create a shortcut for easier use, for example:

C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\wot-xvm-proxy.exe /launcher: wot-xvm-proxy.exe /launcher
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