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Focke-Wulf Fw 190 A-8/R2

Focke-Wulf Fw 190 A-8/R2

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Fw 190 A-8

6400 가격
360 생존력
4449 kg중량
709.6 공격력
1538.5 비행 속력
640 km/h해수면 최고 속도
640 km/h최적 고도 최고 속력
1400 m최적 고도
820 km/h최고 강하 속도
95.7 m/s상승 속력
180 km/h실속 속도
438.7 km/h최적 비행 속력
73.6 조작성
13.3 초평균 360도 회전 속도
160 °/s횡전율
1021.6 기동성
Fw 190 A-8
Focke-Wulf Fw 190 A-8/R2
가장 폭넓게 생산된 Fw 190의 개량형으로 더 강력한 날개 장착 무기를 자랑한다. 양산이 진행된 기종이다.



단계 엔진 엔진 출력, hp / 추력 유형 중량, kg 가격,
VII NAME_MODULE_BMW-801TU-PR_SPEC_TOP_FW-190A8_1 1950 공랭식 1230 101000


단계 기체 생존력 중량, kg 가격,
VII NAME_MODULE_FW-190A8_PLANER_PR_SPEC_TOP_FW-190A8_1 360 2679 80000
프로펠러 동조 기관총

프로펠러 동조 기관총

단계 기관총 구경 포구 속도, m/s 공격력 연사력, 발/분 중량, kg 가격,
VI 13 mm MG-131 (S) 13 1120 49 700 60 25200
프로펠러 동조 기관총

프로펠러 동조 기관총

단계 기관총 구경 포구 속도, m/s 공격력 연사력, 발/분 중량, kg 가격,
VI WEAPON_NAME_G20MM-MG151-20-PR-S_SPEC_TOP_FW-190A8_1 20 1360 80 400 90 40600
날개 장착 무장

날개 장착 무장

단계 기관총 구경 포구 속도, m/s 공격력 연사력, 발/분 중량, kg 가격,
VII WEAPON_NAME_G30MM-MK-108_42-PR-K_SPEC_TOP_FW-190A8_1 30 1040 180 240 120 43700
외부 장착 무장

외부 장착 무장

단계 폭탄 피해 반경, m 공격력 중량, kg 가격,
V WEAPON_NAME_SC250-PR_SPEC_TOP_FW-190A8_1 75 4400 250 1200

Compatible Equipment

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Historical Info

The sturdy and versatile Focke-Wulf Fw 190A mounted a radial air-cooled BMW801 engine, and received continual upgrades to engine output and combat strength after first entering service in 1941. Deployed in spring 1944, the A-8 series was armed with four 20 mm MG-151/20E cannons and two 13 mm MG-131 machine guns. It featured a firing alignment device, wireless radio and Morane antenna along with a methanol-water injector and tank for extra power. The A-8 was produced from 1944 to the end of the war, during which time German aircraft production peaked, making it the most numerous model produced. One version of the A-8, the A-8/R2 was designed as a bomber interceptor and had 2 of its wing-mounted 20mm cannons replaced with the more powerful 30 mm MK-108 cannon. The A-8/R2 also featured extra armor plating on the fuselage sides and 30mm armored canopy glass to protect the pilot against the defensive guns carried by B-17 and B-24 bombers. A common tactic of these heavy fighters was to attack bombers from the front or rear, maintaining a wedge formation and approaching from 10 degrees elevation, firing their devastating 30mm cannons at close range. This tactic often left the 190s vulnerable, and special groups of Bf 109s were tasked to fly escort while the 190s attacked the bombers. Fw 190 pilots faced the guns of Allied bombers and thier escorting P-51s in their dauntless efforts to defend their homeland.

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