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Lavochkin LaGG-3

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330000 가격
230 생존력
3386 kg중량
145 공격력
1244.6 비행 속력
560 km/h해수면 최고 속도
560 km/h최적 고도 최고 속력
900 m최적 고도
650 km/h최고 강하 속도
100.6 m/s상승 속력
140 km/h실속 속도
306.3 km/h최적 비행 속력
86.1 조작성
9.6 초평균 360도 회전 속도
150 °/s횡전율
1339.3 기동성
Lavochkin LaGG-3
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단계 엔진 엔진 출력, hp / 추력 유형 중량, kg 가격,
V M-105P 1050 수랭식 600 29700
VI NAME_MODULE_M-106PV_SPEC_TOP_LAGG-3_1 1350 수랭식 610 49200
VI M-106PV 1350 수랭식 610 49200
VI VK-105PF2 1280 수랭식 620 43100


단계 기체 생존력 중량, kg 가격,
V LaGG-3 230 2636 48900
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허브 장착 무기

단계 기관총 구경 포구 속도, m/s 공격력 연사력, 발/분 중량, kg 가격,
VI 23 mm VYa-23 (H) 23 1520 110 390 90 44550
VI WEAPON_NAME_G23MM-VYA-23-M_SPEC_TOP_LAGG-3_1 23 1520 110 390 90 44550
프로펠러 동조 기관총

프로펠러 동조 기관총

단계 기관총 구경 포구 속도, m/s 공격력 연사력, 발/분 중량, kg 가격,
IV WEAPON_NAME_G12MM-B-S_SPEC_TOP_LAGG-3_1 12.7 1040 47 800 60 12500

Compatible Equipment

Compatible Consumables

Player Opinion

Pros and Cons


  • Adequate firepower, especially against lower tiers or stock enemies
  • Great maneuverability while speed is maintained


  • Low hitpoints mean it can't take much punishment
  • Cannon overheat faster than guns, slowing firerate if you are not careful
  • Poor high altitude performance


The LaGG-3 was a prewar wooden design based on the high speed racing aircraft of the 30s and it shows in the flight characteristics. The LaGG is incredibly maneuverable and has adequate firepower with it's cannon, but learning the quirks of flying this machine might be a struggle for some. Pay close attention to your speed as getting too slow can mean a sharp reduction in maneuvering and loss of control. While this is true for all aircraft it is especially important in the LaGG-3. Use your speed and firepower to overwhelm enemies, then outcircle them once you're in close but never let yourself get slow. Like almost all Russian fighters it performs best at lower altitudes.

History for this plane not found

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