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Suspension (XBOX)

Suspension (XBOX)

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A tank's suspension, also known as "tracks" or "treads", determines the load limit of the tank as well as the traverse speed of the tank. In battle, each tank has a set of two tracks that get damaged independently; a few tanks have double tracks (four total tracks). To be able to mount a new module to your vehicle, its weight must be supported by the suspension. If one of the tracks is destroyed the vehicle is immobilized until the track is repaired. If a track is damaged, the vehicle will move at a reduced speed. Upgrading the suspension also upgrades a number of hidden characteristics, including track HP, terrain resistance, and aim dispersion while on the move. While upgrading suspension cannot increase your maximum speed, it can have an impact on acceleration and maintaining speed while on rough terrain.

Load Limit - Load limit is the amount of weight the tracks can support, measured in tons.

Hull Traverse Speed - The rate at which the vehicle turns is called the traverse speed, whether it is or isn't a pivot turn(around its central axis) is determined for individual tanks. Traverse speed is measured in degrees per second.