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Key issues

Q: What is World of Tanks: Generals?
A: This is a browser trading card game, or TCG.

Q: What is a TCG?
A: Trading Card Game (TCG), also called a Collectible Card Game (CCG) - a strategy game in which battles take place with the use of cards. TCGs include different types of cards, many of which have rare special effects that aren't always simply numerical.

Q: How is World of Tanks: Generals played?
A: World of Tanks: Generals - a fight 1 on 1, 3 on the 5 cells. The goal - to destroy the headquarters of the opponent, or win other possible ways in the game.

Q: What is required to play World of Tanks: Generals?
A: As WoT:G is a browser game, it is enough to have a good internet connection and a web browser.

Q: What is the minimum internet speed needed to play World of Tanks: Generals?
A: 128 kbit/s, although 1MB/s speed is of course better. It is also possible to play with 3G modems.

Q: If a player is forced to leave during a battle for technical reasons, will they be able to return? How long will they have?
A: The player will have 3 minutes to return and continue a battle in case of disconnection.

Q: Will World of Tanks: Generals have mods?
A: Mods are already implemented use a special extension for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. In WoT:G, they are called "plug-ins".

Q: How was World of Tanks: Generals developed?
A: WoT:G is developed in modern HTML5, which is supported by the majority of existing mobile devices. It also does not use Flash.

Game Mechanics

Q: How long does a game of World of Tanks: Generals last?
A: Each player is given 15 minutes per game, meaning that a game can last no more than 30 minutes. If a player runs out of time, they lose.

Q: How many cards will I receive at the beginning of each game?
A: Each player will draw six cards at the beginning of each game, plus one at the beginning of each turn. Thus, the second player will have 7 cards in their hand at the beginning of their first turn.

Q: Does World of Tanks: Generals have random elements?
A: Drawing cards from the deck is random, but even this can be countered with a well-made deck.

Q: Does World of Tanks: Generals have draws?
A: No, WoT:G's game mechanics do not allow draws.

Q: Does World of Tanks: Generals have a singleplayer mode?
A: At this point you can fight other players and bots. The game does not yet feature teams, but they will be added later.

Q: What are the conditions of victory in World of Tanks: Generals?
A: Victory is achieved in the following ways:   1) Win by destroying the opponent's headquarters;   2) Win when the opponent runs out of cards;   3) Win when the opponent runs out of time;   4) Win by using unique features of maps (such as accumulate resources, take all the cells of the battlefield, etc.).

Buy cards and development

Q: Do you need to buy anything to play the game?
A: At the beginning of each player receives 3 starter kits, which include 3 start first level of staff and a set of starting cards. Starter sets have been collected in the deck.

Q: Can the starter decks be changed?
A: Yes, you can change them in a special editor.

Q: What limitations are there on decks?
A: Decks cannot have more than 40 cards Techniques, platoon, and one card Orders Staff. Also, no more than three copies of each card. <--Left mostly as-is again-->

Q: How do you get other cards?
A: The system of obtaining cards is very similar to that found in the other Wargaming.net games. Each card is required to explore, buy and bleed to open a card next level. The exceptions are the card starter kit, staffs, and premium cards.

Card Types and Features

Q: What types of cards are available?
A: All the cards are divided into four groups: Staffs, Technique, Platoons, Orders.

Q: How many levels of cards are there?
A: All the cards are divided into ten levels, from one to ten.

Q: How many nations are in the game?
A: At this point in the game there are three playable nations: the U.S., the USSR and Germany. In the future branches, will be finalized before they are available in World of Tanks.

Q: How do they differ from each other?
A: German cards have a high rate of damage, Soviet maps have high strength, and American cards quickly accumulate resources to enable them to output a lot of vehicles.

Q: What types of cards are available?
A: There is one type of card for each type of vehicle in World of Tanks - Light Tank, Medium Tank, Heavy Tank, Tank Destroyer and SPG. Yet there are cards and Platoon Orders. Maps platoons have two types - offensive and defensive. Maps Orders do not have separation of types.

Q: Why Do I Need a Headquarters?
A: The HQ is the most important card in the game. Your headquarters is located in the lower left cell of the field, the opponent's headquarters - at the top right. Headquarters allows you to display cards on the field and play equipment orders. Maybe once in the course of DPS technology opponent or his staff. All staff, except for startup , have individual abilities. Staff loss leads to defeat in the game.

Q: What is the difference between different types of vehicle cards?
A: Light Tank - has a low strength and damage, but can perform two movements per turn and move diagonally.
Medium Tank - has average strength and damage, can move diagonally.
Heavy Tank - has high strength and damage, can not move diagonally, and cannot counterattack if he attacked in his turn.
Tank Destoyer - has a low strength and high levels of damage, can not move diagonally, and has a class first-strike capability.
SPG - Can attack any technique which currently has been found your technique or ability cards and orders.

Q: What do platoon cards to?
A: They reinforce staff and can provide passive (permanent) and active bonuses (eg cripple enemy tanks, repair friendly vehicles, etc.). Platoons are divided into attack (attack reinforce Staff) and protective (increase protection of staff). Inside species into 5 classes platoons : Intelligence, Communication, Antiaircraft, Doctors, Engineering. On the battlefield, platoons not found - in the game's interface to have a separate area. Each class corresponds to a platoon cell in this particular area. Bring two platoons in a single cell can not, the latter played out replace the snake standing there platoon.

Q: What do orders cards do?
A: Maps a single application that, when drawing perform a certain action in and out of the game. An analogue of "spell" in the classic collectible card games. May have different abilities, ranging from direct dealing damage to the opponent's cards destruction of the remaining cards in the deck.

Indicator cards and their ability

Q: What other indicators do cards have in World of Tanks: Generals?
A: In addition to the three main types of each card has a number of other indicators. The cards Techniques and Headquarters Platoon is firepower, strength, increase resources, cost and capacity. The cards orders only ability and value.

Q: What is growth?
A: Indicator that determines how many resources you get to the next turn . On the map indicated by a small green canister and a numeric value with a plus. Eg 2 - this means that the increase is equal to two .

Q: What is cost?
A: That's the price of resource for which you draw your technique on the field and cast orders. On the map refers to the large brown canister with a numeric value .

Q: What is firepower?
A: Indicator that determines how much damage you can inflict technique opponent and his staff.

Q: What is strength?
A: Indicator that determines how much damage can take your technique , or headquarters platoon. If the index is zero strength , technique or platoon will go to loss , and the reduction of staff strength to zero leads to the defeat of the party.

Q: What is ability?
A: In addition to the amounts , any card can have the same and abilities. Ability to either enhance your cards , or weaken the opponent's card . Most abilities will not work if the card does not belong to a particular nation or type of staff .

Q: A possible example of such abilities?
A: German Wespe SPG has the ability "When the technique destroys the opponent - knead 3 cards from your losses in the stocks ." This means that if Wespe destroy equipment on the field map , it will return loss of your 3 cards . But her ability to work if it is in the deck with the German headquarters , in any other deck is its ability inactive.

Common Questions

Q: Will there be achievements?
A: Already there are various medals, largely similar tank .

Q: Will World of Tanks: Generals be playable on mobile devices?
A: WoT Generals will be playable with computers, notebooks, netbooks, tablets, and smartphones. At the moment you can only play comfortably with a computer, laptop, or netbook , but in the future you will be able to play on all these devices.

Q: Is World of Tanks: Blitz connected with World of Tanks: Generals or is it a separate project ?
A: World of Tanks: Blitz is a separate project, not related to World of Tanks: Generals, but some of its art art was taken from earlier versions of World of Tanks: Generals.

Q: Will the game be released for Android devices?
A: Yes, as a separate application. WoT:G will also be playable with the built-in browser, but satisfaction is not guaranteed.