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Welcome to the Wargaming.net wiki! Here you'll find information on World of Tanks, World of Warplanes, World of Warships, World of Tanks: Generals, and more.

Reading Basics

Since the wiki contains information on four different games, the games are separated. You can find the main page for each game's subwiki by going to the Main Page or by clicking the links on the sidebar. Currently, only World of Tanks and World of Warplanes have in-game content, since World of Warships and World of Tanks: Generals have yet to be released.

If you see an error or something on the wiki that can be improved, edit it!

Editing Basics

All pages are open for everyone to read, but logging in with your Wargaming account using the button in the top right will allow you to edit as well. To edit a page, press the edit button at the top of the page while logged in. You can also edit a specific section by clicking edit next to a section heading. When you edit, please add only facts. Never add false information, and only add opinions in the opinion sections. Don't directly copy and paste information, and always cite your sources even if you didn't copy and paste. Always be courteous. Don't insult other users or troll, and don't spam. If someone reverts an edit that you made, ask why on their talk page or the article's talk page instead of simply reverting it back.


To create a heading, use double equals signs on both sides of the heading, like this: ==Title== More equals signs creates a smaller heading. The ===Formatting=== heading is below the ==Editing Basics== heading.

To italicize text, use a two apostrophes on each side of the text to bedformatteg. To bold, use three. To bold and italicize, use five. For example: ''italicized'' '''bolded''' '''''bolded and italicized'''''.

To link to another page on the wiki, use double brackets around the page title, not the url. [[Main Page]] produces Main Page. If you're linking to a page that's within a namespace, like Tank:T29 or Talk:Main Page, include that in a link. To link to a page while displaying different text, add a vertical line after the page name and before the desired display text. [[Main Page|This is a link to the Main Page]] produces This is a link to the Main Page.

To link to a page outside the wiki, use single brackets around the full url. [https://worldoftanks.com] produces [1]. Display text can be added to external links the same was as it is added to internal links.

Talk Pages

Talk pages are used to communicate with other users, either to discuss an article on its talk page or directly at the user's talk page. To post a new comment, please create a new section with a descriptive title. This can be done by manually creating a new heading or by pressing the + button at the top of the page.

To reply to someone else's comment, edit the same talk page that the comment was left on (not the other user's talk page) and use a colon at the beginning of your sentence to indent it. For example,

:This formatting will create an indented line.

This line is indented.

Always sign your comments by adding four tildes (~~~~). This automatically adds your name, links to your user and user talk pages, and a timestamp.

Don't edit anyone else's comments.

More Information

For more detailed information, see Manual of Style (title not final, page is currently at User:Misfire42:na/Manual of Style and incomplete). The Mediawiki wiki also has more detailed information about wiki formatting.