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Wargaming.net League (WoT)

Wargaming.net League (WoT)

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The Wargaming.net League is the Professional eSports League for World of Tanks NA and EU regions. It is based on a ladder system and consists of the Open, Bronze, Silver, and Gold Leagues. There are small differences in regional configurations.

General League Information (NA)

Open League

Open League is the entry level league, all teams directly qualify for this league, or are relagated from bronze. The latest iteration has two divisions consisting of 25 and 28 teams. The top 8 teams are promoted to bronze league.

Bronze League

The Bronze League is set to be the next step in league play, and consists of 30 teams. Teams enter this league through qualifying, relegation from silver, and promotion from open league. The best 5 Teams of the Bronze League join the Silver League.

Silver League

The Silver League is the qualifying League for the Gold League, and second highest in north america. The summer 2014 season had 17 teams to begin. The 1st and 2nd place are automatically promoted to the gold league, while 3rd-6th are given the opportunity to compete for a spot in a relegation match. Unlike its EU conterpart, silver league receives no financial stipends, due to Ruukill's fedora habit. The bottom teams are relagated to the bronze league.

Gold League

WGLNA Gold league is the top league in North America, with 16 teams divided into two divisions. Finals give the opportunity for each team to compete for additional cash prizes. Teams in Gold League come from previous seasons, qualifying or winning relagation match from silver league, or from winning one of two tightly contested qualifiers prior to the season beginning.


Rules in WGLNA differ from its EU counterpart:

  • 42 Tier Points
  • 7 Players per team
  • Maximum Tier is 8
  • No usage of ANY game modifications (vanilla client)
  • Battles are 10 minutes max.
  • Battles are first to two wins out of five in bronze and silver.
  • Battles are best of five for gold league.


Maps played are:

  • Himmelsdorf
  • Ensk
  • Ruinberg
  • Prokhorovka
  • Mines
  • Steppes
  • Cliff
  • Abbey

General League Information (EU)

The Wargaming.net League started out in 2013 in the EU region with three Seasons closing very successfully and with offline finals at the Gamescom in Cologne and DreamHack 2013 as well as an event planned by the ESL to finish the third season.

Bronze League

The Bronze League is set to be the starting League for everyone. Everyone can create a team and join this League. This League is the basic requirement to join the Silver League. The best 5 Teams of the Bronze League join the Silver League.

Go4WoT Bronze

Go4WoT is a weekly Tournament held by the ESL which allows teams to qualify for the Silver League. Teams can earn Ingame Gold and money by participating. The winner will be directly promoted to the Silver League. Prices[1] are given out as following:

  • 1st 70€ & 8000 gold
  • 2nd 50€ & 7000 gold
  • 3rd 30€ & 7000 gold
  • 4th 7000 gold
  • 5th-8th 6000 gold
  • 9th-16th 5000 gold
  • 17th-32nd 2000 gold
  • 33rd-64th 1000 gold

Silver League

The Silver League is the qualifying League to the Gold League. There are 30 teams in this League. The last 6 teams will be kicked into the Bronze League as there are 5 Teams from the Bronze League ascending to Silver every week, plus the weekly winner from Go4WoT Bronze. The teams participating in the Silver League recieve a small amount of money per week[2] which is distributed as follows:

1st 	300€	
2nd 	280€	
3rd 	275€	
4th 	275€
5th 	250€
6th 	240€
7th 	230€
8th 	220€
9th 	210€
10th 	200€
11th 	190€
12th 	180€
13th 	170€
14th 	160€
15th 	150€
16th 	140€
17th 	130€
18th 	120€
19th 	110€
20th 	100€
21st 	 90€
30th     90€

Gold League

This roster consists of the 12 best Teams. They play one Season which has a duration of about 2-3 months in which they face each team twice per Season. In the end the 6 best teams get to play for a price pool of 100.000 €. The other 6 teams have to face relegation matches with the best teams of the Silver League, except for the last two teams of the Gold League and the best two teams of the Silver League. The Gold League Teams (the last two) get demoted into the Silver League whose best two teams qualify directly into the Gold League. Here are the price distributions for the 4th season of the Gold League:

  1. € 30,000
  2. € 15,000
  3. € 9,000
  4. € 5,150
  5. € 3,500
  6. € 3,500
  7. € 3,000
  8. € 3,000
  9. € 2,500
  10. € 2,500
  11. € 2,000
  12. € 2,000

Total € 81,150 Map Bonus* € 18,850 Season Total € 100,000


Rules applied are the following:

  • 42 Tier Points
  • 7 Players per team
  • Maximum Tier is 8
  • No usage of illegal game modifications as described here
  • No 8 or 16 Tier point rule (if a Team had 8/16 Tier points more in the end of the battle it won)

Those are the most important to keep in mind. One can find all rules here


Maps played are:

  • Winter Himmelsdorf
  • Ensk
  • Ruinberg
  • Prokhorovka
  • Mines
  • Steppes
  • Cliff


{{panel content toc|title=The Grand Final|content= The Grand Final was so far the biggest eSports event held by Wargaming.net. The Grand Final lastet 3 days from the 4th to the 6th of April and took place in Warsaw, Poland in the Multikino cinema of the Złote Tarasy shopping centre. The best two teams from each server were sent to Poland to compete against each other plus two teams which had played exceptionally well outside of the Pro League and got the attention of Wargaming.net. The total price pool consisted of 300.000 USD with the overall winner having the chance to get a hold of 100.000 USD in total due to special rules like the Blitz Mechanism. Also a predetermined price pool was set for each Match. The whole Tournament used a double elimination system.

Blitz Mechanism

Wargaming introduced the "'Blitz Mechanism' to reward teams who win matches quickly. When two teams draw a battle the money will be removed from the pool available for that particular match. This money will be put into a pot that is only accessible through the Blitz Mechanism. Each day during the Grand Finals, the team that wins a battle in the shortest amount of time that day will be rewarded with this pool of money. [...]this mechanism [should] encourage the teams to try more aggressive tactics." [3]

The Teams

Korean Server:

  1. NOA
  2. ARETE

Chinese Server:

  1. Energy Pacemaker
  2. JL eSports Club

North American Server:

  1. Fnatic
  2. SIMP

CIS(Commonwealth of Independent States) Server:

  1. NA'VI
  2. The Red Rush: Unity

European Server:

  1. Virtus.PRO
  2. Team Synergy (currently known as "Schoolbus")

Southeast Asian Server:

  1. PVP Super Friends
  2. U Are Dead

Joker Teams:

  1. Lemming Train (currently known as "Denial eSports")
  2. Team WUSA