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VK 30.01 (D)

VK 30.01 (D)

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VK3002DB_V1 (Stock)

910000 가격
700 내구력
31.93 / 33 kg중량
  1. 지휘관
60/40/50차체 장갑(정면/측면/후면, mm)
50/30/30포탑 장갑(정면/측면/후면, mm)
580 마력엔진 출력
56 km/h최대 속력
34 도/초회전 속도
110 기본 포탄 공격력
110 mm기본 포탄 관통력
4.3 클립 재장전 시간
32 도/초포탑 회전 속도
350 m관측 범위
310 m통신 범위
VK 30.01 (D)

In the winter of 1941-1942 the WaPruf 6 issued technical requirements for a new 30-ton tank. The orders for development were placed with MAN and Daimler-Benz. The prototypes were to be ready by May 1942. However, on May 13th, 1942 only comparative characteristics of the projects were submitted. The MAN's project was preferred, and the Daimler-Benz's project was canceled.

Compatible Equipment

중형 파편 방지대
탄산가스 충전 연료탱크
코팅 광학장비
개량형 주포 구동 장치
개량형 Christie 현가장치
개량형 환기장치 2급
전차용 중구경 장전기
공구 상자
1종 "습식" 탄약 적재함

Compatible Consumables

자동 소화기
100-옥탄 가솔린
105-옥탄 가솔린
수동 소화기
대형 구급 상자
대형 수리 도구
소형 구급 상자
소형 수리 도구

Player Opinion

Pros and Cons


  • Sloped front armor gives effective frontal armor close to that of the VK 36.01 (H), along with strong turret armor
  • Good gun depression, accuracy, penetration, and rate of fire on the top gun
  • Fast and maneuverable, making it an excellent flanker
  • Low profile, which makes it hard to hit and gives relatively good camouflage values
  • Good view range


  • Low armor thickness


Use the unexpected angle of the gun depression to surprise anyone who expected more flat angle. Additionally, the relatively thick and sloped turret armor will help to bounce shells.

Although the top gun isn't any different than the other tier 6 German mediums, it is mounted on a chassis that is arguably better. The strength of this tank is its sloped armor, speed and maneuverability, and accurate and high penetrating gun. This tank is very effective in long range combat where the sloped (but thin) armor can bounce some shots, while using its gun to continue to penetrate. Additionally, it has lower profile than the similar mediums, and therefore has more of a camouflage value and is harder to hit. However, it is vulnerable in close range, where its low armor thickness will cause VK 30.01 (D) serious problems, and will be penetrated by most guns.

This is a versatile medium for its tier. It is directly comparable to the other Vk 30.01 (H), but it comes out superior in a few key aspects. It has thicker and more sloped armor, better gun depression and a smaller profile allowing it to be more stealthy and survivable than the other Vk. However, the Henschel version does get the 8.8 cm KwK 36, which could be better to use in certain situations. That said, the 75mm L/70 has sufficient damage, and more importantly a much better accuracy and penetration allowing for a more versatile playstyle than a dedicated flanker.

The matter of equipment is mainly a matter of choice on this tank. For different playstyles, certain equipment is favoured over others. However, the Gun Rammer is mandatory whatever you do, as the tank has fairly low DPM - and anything to help this is very important. Additionally, Coated Optics is important for this tank as it brings its view range over 400 meters - allowing it to scout and snipe effectively. It is generally preferred over Binoculars, unless you expect to be stationary for a long time (not recommended). The last slot is a wash, and depends on what you prefer. Gun Laying Drive will allow you to have a more aggressive, "peek-a-boo" playstyle; the Vents will give you an all around boost - especially with Brother in Arms; and Camouflage Net will do quite a bit to keep you hidden - very important, especially when you aren't top tier, allowing you to stay alive and do damage longer.

Players familiar with the excellent Vk 36.01 (H) will find a chance of pace from that tank. Although it takes some getting used to, this tank proves itself quite well and has earned a place in many players garage due to its versatility.

Early Research

  • The Maybach HL 120 TRM Engine and FuG 12 Radio carry over from the Pz.Kpfw. III/IV. Mount them immediately.
  • The Maybach HL 230 TRM P30 Engine can be researched without upgrading the suspension.
  • If you would rather have more firepower than more speed, research the VK 30.01 (D) verstärkteketten Suspension, the VK 30.01 (D) Turret, and the 7,5 cm KwK 42 L/70 Gun.

History for this tank not found

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