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No vehicle in World of Tanks can operate without a complete virtual crew. The crew operates the vehicle under the direction of the player. The size of a complete crew is dependant upon the requirements of a specific vehicle. In-game crews ranges from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 6 crew members. Individual crew members fill one of five designated roles, or Major Qualifications within the vehicle. These roles are Commander, Gunner, Driver, Radio Operator, and Loader.

Like vehicles accumulate experience, individual crew members accumulate training in each battle they participate in. Similar to the Service Record for a player or a vehicle, each crew member has a Personal File, which records his own battle statistics, medals, and training level and the levels of any Skills and Perks he has acquired. An individual crew member can be trained with experience earned in battle, or with training purchased for credits or gold, until his Training Level in his Major Qualification reaches 100%. Thereafter, additional battle experience is applied towards increasing the levels of certain selected Skills or Perks chosen by the player. The level of Skills and Perks can only be increased through battle experience and cannot be purchased with credits or gold.

The degree of Proficiency that each crew member achieves through training directly affects and improves the performance of their vehicle in battle. If a crew member is wounded or killed in battle, the vehicle's performance will suffer, particularly in the area effected by his expertise. An injured or killed Driver reduces the ability of the vehicle to maneuver. If all the crew members are knocked out, the vehicle will become inoperable.